Solar system for Mercury

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IT takes 88 days to orbit the takes28,874,000 square miles. It is the smallest planet.
if earth size will be a size of a baseball then mercury size will be size of a golf day
on mercury is 175,97 days. one earth is 88 day on mercury.

do mercury have life

their is no life on mercury. extreme day to night temperature. very thin atmosphere. their
is no water on mercury. may be some ice on the bottom of some deep craters
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Planet name

the messenger of the roman god of trade and profit. they named it after their most
important god his name is mercurius . it is know by the ancients
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Wow facts

only 2 missions have visited mercury. it is 28,879,000. stand on mercury the sun will be

3 times as bigger it does on earth. it is composed mostly oxygen, sodium hydrogen,

Helium, potassium. Mercury make an appearances only is 3 times each sentry.