Video Games Impact On Culture

By James Dozier

How Do Video Games Effect Culture

Video games have changed the Culture a lot because they give people entertainment, enjoyment and pleasure. The reason why because if you notice like when I was growing lots of kids were outside enjoying different activities now day's kids or more inside playing video games because you got games like call of duty, gta, 2k and madden which our very popular games. Also like a person like me i'm 18 and look at these video games they are getting realer every time they're released.

Is Video Games A Way To Contribute To Violence

Video Games have been blamed for school shootings and this is because how random people come in to the school just shooting at kids, teachers whoever in their way they going to hit them. Also bullying is begin blamed from that because how gta for example they beat up people, rob them, kill them and cuss them out.
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What Do People Think

So I have a 12 year old brother that's in the 7th grade so I ask him would you rather go outside and play basketball like I use to cause video games were just really coming out and he said no he would rather stay in the house and play the game. So I asked him why is that he respond with because people barely be outside and if we do play with barely play because people be complaining about it begin to hot or they be lazy. Then I asked him do you feel like video games are more important then hanging outside he said yes because if you get bored with one game you can just change to another game.
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Video Games Positive Influence

Video Games can be a positive influence because it gives little kids information like learning their numbers, their alphabet and their having fun with it. Also you have the Wii where you can work out an get a lot of fitness.
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Television helped video games out because some TV shows have influence people to make a video game out of them. Also video games influenced the way that television is now pronounced.
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Video Games accompanies the increased age of video game users. Mortal Kombat live action movie based off the video game grossed over 70 million at the box office. The game Grand Theft Auto IV was to compete with the film Iron Man and which Grand Theft Auto IV beat Iron Man by $300,000,000 million.
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With music now you have rappers that have verses that go with the theme of the game or in other words some artist will make the perfect song that goes with games like 2k. Also it's like the same with movies how they have sound tracks to go with different parts of the movie.
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Video Art

Video Games believe to not be art because video games our meant to be won where art is to be experienced. So basically the players control the flow of flower petals in the wind so video games develop into art.


The connection between video games and other media has increased with the popularity of Machinima the animated films and series are created by recording character actions inside the video games. Using Machinima to storyboard scenes which adds individuality to computer generated shots.
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Average Age

Video Games effect you at a young age games period because they have a learning experience plus like I said before they take movie ideas and turn them into video games sometimes which bring kids right in. 49 percent of households own a console and the number of console mostly owned in a household is two. The average age for a game buyer is 35.