Friday Focus

Holy Name of Mary, November 16, 2018

Happy Friday!

Thank you to everyone for another great week. We know that you must have been exhausted from working on progress reports all last weekend, and we really appreciate the effort that went into getting them done on time so that we could read them and provide you with timely feedback.

Luckily, we ended the week with a snow day! Have a great weekend. Enjoy the snow and your families!

Caroline & Pascale

Great Teaching strategies

The morning meeting is a great way to build community in your classroom. Never underestimate the power of building relationships with your students. Even once a week is a great start!

Good Stuff

We had a very busy week with Remembrance Day, the Robb Nash concert, WE Day, and the OPP Kids program. Thank you to all of you who helped to organize and supervise these events! Though these activities take time away from your regular teaching schedule, they are what get our kids excited about coming to school.

We saw lots of awesome things happening in classes again this week! It always makes us smile to see you and your kids in action. Keep up the great work!

Big picture
Big picture

The Week Ahead

Monday, November 19

  • Welcome to Jessica Coutts who begins today!
  • Jillian and Julie out for Math PD
  • Susan Newsham is in to volunteer
  • Mark Doyle off (Joe Arcand is on the day shift)
  • Counselling in the classroom (Gr. 7/8 in the library)

Tuesday, November 20

  • Gina out (John Murray)
  • Jillian out (pm only) (Marina Rigakis)
  • Victoria F out
  • Victoria H out
  • Shannon out (Bryanna Farris)

Wednesday, November 21

  • Special Education Meeting @ 8:15am
  • Caroline out (Regional Principal's Meeting)
  • Christine Cox in to volunteer in the library
  • Subway Day
  • MSM meeting @ 3:15pm
  • Constable Streng in for OPP Kids (Grade 6)
  • Lucie out
  • Sara H out (Jeannie Hendry)

Thursday, November 22

  • Christine Cox in to volunteer in the library
  • Pizza Day
  • Brigitte out (April Taillefer)
  • Catherine out (Kelly Pawlikowski)
  • Lee out (Marina Rigakis)

Friday, November 23

  • PA Day (Regional Professional Activity Day focused on: (a.m. - Health and Safety, Safe Schools and Student Well-Being / p.m. – FDK teams working together, FFM Gr 1-12 - (school based)
  • Deb Salisbury in
  • Victoria F out