Your Imagination can go Anywhere

Hannah Geary 6-7

Analysis of the Development of Theme

Freak was a boy with a little body and a very big imagination. Freak has multiple physical limitations but is very smart. In fact freak is the smartest kid Max knows! On the fourth of July freak names all of the chemicals is all the fire work! On page 48-49 of Freak the Mighty Freak goes crazy with his imagination and says that all the big houses are castles, and the pools are moats. Freak loved to ride on Maxes shoulders they called it riding high.They would go on tons of adventures together and Freak would always say "Yonder always lies over the next horizon." Max and Freak are the best of friends, and are always there when they need each other the most. For example when Maxes father comes and kidnaps him freak comes and saves Max when he need Freak the most. Another example of there great friendship is when Freak had a seizure on his birthday, and was in the hospital all Max wanted to do was to talk to Freak and Freak only wanted to talk to Max.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I think that if you have the imagination you can do anything! In the book after Freak dies Max thinks its boring to walk around with out Freak on his shoulders. He looks at the houses that Freak said were castles and all the pools that where moats. When Freak was on Maxes shoulders he would listen to the crazy stories Freak told him. Max loved all of Freaks crazy stories. They would go lots of different quests everyday! I think that with your imagination you could go anywhere you want. Once in the book Freak said you back in time with your imagination! In on part of the book Freak went back to the ice age and was telling Max all about it. I think the theme for this story works perfectly because one of the best parts about Freak is his wild imagination! I think that Freak can relate to all of our lives. Using your imagination can take you any where!

visual representions

My Summary

Freak the Mighty is about an unbreakable bond between two boys. Freak is a little boy who is a lot of physical problems. Max is not very smart but is nice and helpful to Freak. Max met Freak when Freak was trying to get something out of a tree. Freak sits on Maxes shoulders when they go on quests. Freak makes everything different. For examples the big houses are castles, the pools are moats and the black cats are dragons. Freaks health problems get more bad as the book goes on. Freak eventually dies because his heart got to big for his heart. Max is so sad and stays in his room for days. In Freak the Mighty Max gets kidnapped by his dad who gets out of jail. Maxes dad was in jail because his father killed his mom. Freak saves Max when his dad is about to kill him. I loved this book because is so fun and expresses so much love and emotion.