The Average American Billionare

Collin Ziegler

When did they live?

Most of these individuals lived in the mid 1800's through the early 1900's However their are exceptions. These exceptions are really more modern people like Bill gates who is currently living, and warren Buffet who is also currently living.

What Industry were they involved in?

Most of these men where involved in heavy industry. Such as oil, railroad, lumber, steel, etc. However the more modern billionaire's are more involved in technology and finance. For example Bill gates mad ehis money in the Technology industry, and warren Buffert made his money in the finance industry, but older billionaires such as Rockefeller made his money in the heavy industry, for Rockefeller that was the oil industry
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How honest/ethical were they in building their fortunes?

Their are some they did make a honest living and because of their had work became very successful. However in general these men were not very honest or ethical in building their fortunes. For Example the richest man in United States history made his fortune by making a monopoly over the oil industry. Monopolies are no ethical, because they make it where their is no competition in the industry and consumers are forced to pay whatever price the producer wants because he is the only one. Another famous billionaire who did this was Andrew Carnegie. He built his fortune by creating a monopoly over the steel business. Jay Gould was another who was not honest in making his fortune. He made his money by manipulating stocks and bribing new york legislature. So in general these men were not honest or ethical in making their fortunes.