Interprofessional Experience

For Graduate Counseling Students & Undergrad Human Services

15hrs Non-Contact hours & 8hrs toward Prac or internship

ADD TO YOUR RESUME.....You will receive a continuing education certificate and contact hours for FREE!

ODU-EVMS Interprofessional Experience for HUMAN SERVICE and COUNSELING Students

You will have the opportunity to gain competencies unique to ODUs program through a collaborative effort with EVMS. You will have the opportunity to learn about interprofessional collaboration, reimbursement, telehealth, and ethics in primary care.

This is a two week experience in which you can count 15 hours towards non-contact hours and 8 contact hours. The contact hours will occur during a 8 hour standardized patient experience at EVMS occurring in the month of July, August, September, October, November, January, February, and March. The 15 non-contact hours occur through blackboard in which you learn through 2 hour modules and engage students from different professions via a discussion board for 1 week. At the completion of this experience you will virtually present an app or website that you build as an interprofessional team (this process starts during the on-campus day and is optional).

Internship or Practicum students are required to sign-up in advance for the month they would like to complete the experience. If space is full we will move you to the next month.

The Schedule is Below....If you have questions please send an email to Dr. Johnson-Hoquee -

Blackboard Site Opens July18th, On-Site at EVMS from 8-3pm July 25th, Webex Presentation July 29

Blackboard Site Opens Aug 1st, On-Site at EVMS from 8-3pm Aug 8, Webex Presentation Aug 15th

Blackboard Site Opens Sep 12, On-Site at EVMS from 8-3pm Sep 19, Webex Presentation Sep 23

Blackboard Site Opens Sep 26, On-Site at EVMS from 8-3pm Oct 3, Webex Presentation Oct 7th

Blackboard Site Opens Oct 24th, On-Site at EVMS from 8-3pm 31st, Webex Presentation Nov 7th

Blackboard Site Opens Nov 26, On-Site at EVMS from 8-3pm Nov 28, Webex Presentation Dec 5th

Blackboard Site Opens Jan 16, On-Site at EVMS from 8-3pm Jan 23rd, Webex Presentation Jan 27th

Blackboard Site Opens Jan 30, On-Site at EVMS from 8-3pm Feb 6, Webex Presentation Feb 13th

Blackboard Site Opens Feb 27th, On-Site at EVMS from 8-3pm March 13th, Webex Presentation March 20th

Complete the google form to enroll:

After completing the google form, please contact Dr. Hoquee to ensure you are registered. Email:

Guaranteed to Be Fun & An Experience like No Other!

Learn A little bit about inter professionalism

Next On Campus Day at EVMS ( 8 contact hours)

Monday, July 25th, 8am-3pm

700 West Olney Road

Norfolk, VA