Adolf Hitler

Military Leader 1889-1945

Early Years

Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in Braunau am Inn, Austria. His parents were Alois Hitler and Klara PolzI. He was the 4th out of 6 kids. He and his father clashed often and did not approve of Adolf's dreams. When his father died, his mother allowed Adolf to drop out of school and work as a casual laborer and a watercolor painter. Then he applied for the Academy of Fine Arts twice. Both times was rejected and then was out of money. For years Adolf moved into a homeless shelter until the start of World War I.

World War I

Once the war began, Hitler applied and was accepted into the German army but, he was still and Austrian citizen. He was not present in the front lines that often but, was wounded at the battle of Somme. For his bravery he was awarded the Iron Cross first Class and the Black Wound badge. The war gave Hitler passion for Germany.

Rise to Power

During the Great Depression in Germany Hitler began to gain more and more power. In 1932 he ran for presidency against Paul von Hindenburg. For both elections he came in second place but still had 35% of all of the votes. In order for political balance Hindenburg agreed to appoint Hitler as chancellor. With his position as Chancellor he was able to take control of the Executive branch and the Legislative branch. After only a year Hitler declared the Nazi party was the only legal political party in Germany.

World War II

The war started when Hitler decided to invade Poland. This caused Britain and France to declare war on Germany. Then he violated a non-aggression pact with Russia and sent three million troops into Russia. Then Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Now Hitler was at war against Britain the largest empire, USA largest financial leader and Russia the largest army. This started the fall of Hitler and the destruction of Germany.

Hitler and Eva Braun

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Hitler married his girlfriend Eva Braun on April 29, 1945. That day Hitler found out Benito Mussolini was assassinated. This scared Hitler so much, he and his wife only a day after marriage committed suicide on April 30, 1945. His body was burned and days later Germany surrendered to the Allies. His leadership was enough to cause a second World War.

My Reaction

I think Hitler must of been a brutal powerful leader that would do anything necessary to accomplish whatever he wanted. With his brutal tactics that sometimes ended not so pretty in my opinion. I think the thing that helped him the most or the quickest was joining the German military in World War 1. This allowed him to experience what his calling was. Which was being a government official. I think it is crazy that some random person who was interested in fine arts or being a painter became, a total domination leader who was able to take control of all of Germany