Weekly Update

Holy Trinity Catholic School February 9th, 2023

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to Provide a High-Quality Education, and to Guide Children in Living the Catholic Faith.


Father, thank You for my friends, who through common faith have become family. According to Your abundance, give them strength in the Spirit. May Your strength fill them from their inner being, and may we, together experience the fellowship of faith that comes from Christ’s dwelling in our hearts. May we be rooted and grounded together in love. May we share in the joy of mutually comprehending the full extent of Your love. Grant us knowledge—and that which exceeds knowledge—having been filled by You. Amen.

A Note from Mrs. Longden

We love to tell stories— we tell stories about the person that cut us off in traffic, about the cookies we baked that got burned, the loved one we know who is in the hospital, or the funny things the kids did during the day. It is in our nature to tell stories, to share about our lives. Have you ever heard someone talk about how they experienced God working in their life? Sometimes we call this a “witness”. We call it that because that refers to “someone who testifies on behalf of a person or to an event that he or she has seen with their own eyes or for which the person has first-hand knowledge.”

A few weeks ago I was listening to a podcast and during a reflection section, one of the people shared that we wonder why God doesn’t seem to do “big” things anymore –any of those miracles we see in the Bible, healings, etc. She said, often God will do those things, but we aren’t looking for them, or don’t expect to see them. So I started looking for God more and more in the everyday, and He is way more present than I ever give Him credit for.
Have you ever shared a story of a time of joy or where you have seen God provide blessings to you or your family? Have you ever shared a story where you have seen God intervene in a time of suffering? This week, I encourage you to look for God in the everyday, and share that story with someone.


Mrs. Longden

No School Friday

Reminder: There is no school tomorrow, Friday February 10th. It is an Archdiocesan Professional Day.

Tuition and Registration 2023-2024

Tuition and Registration Information for the 2023-2024 school year are available.

We will change the registration deadline from February 21st to March 21st

Dress Code Forum

On Wednesday, March 1st from 5PM-6PM, we will be holding a parent forum regarding the dress code for next year in the gym.

If you would like to come and share your thoughts regarding our current Liturgy Day dress code, please do. Each person who would like to speak will have 2 minutes to speak.

We will be making a decision after the forum on if we will be going to be implementing the Liturgy Day dress code as an every day dress code.

Please see the attached document which lays out the Liturgy Day Dress Code for Fridays, Holy Days, etc. as it currently is.

Any questions, please contact Mrs. Longden at principal@htschool.net

Catholic Schools Week and Grandparents Day

Check out some more pictures from Catholic Schools Week and Grandparents Day!

Thank you for a great week!

Holy Trinity School Scholarship

We are excited to begin a Holy Trinity School Scholarship open to ALL families. Information on the scholarship and application are in the family folders sent home today.

If you have any questions relating to the scholarship please contact Mrs. Longden at principal@htschool.net

This scholarship was made possible from a grant written by Mrs. Longden. We will continue to write grants to continue this fund as well as seek donations and fundraising opportunities to continue to watch this grow! If you would like more information regarding this, please reach out to Mrs. Longden.

Public School No School

Reminder: The public school does not have school on Monday, February 20th.

We will have different bus times, so please watch your email for the times.


Ash Wednesday is Wednesday, February 22nd.

Watch next week's newsletter for more information on the events happening at school during the Lenten season!

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Calendar of Cash

February 2nd - Kiley Lefeber

February 3rd - Mary Kreis

February 6th - Bob Kraetsch

February 7th - Amy Vanminsel

February 8th - Karen & Gary Coyne


Calendar of Cash 2023-2024

If you sell all the tickets you had and would like more, please contact the school office.

Any tickets and money sold can be turned in at any time to the school office.

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Upcoming Dates

Thursday, February 9th - Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:00-6:30 P.M.

Friday, February 10th - No School - Archdiocesan Professional Learning Day

Wednesday, February 15th - Mass (Grades 4K, 5-8)

Friday, February 17th - Mass

Wednesday, February 22nd - All School Mass (Ash Wednesday)

Friday, February 24th - Mass

Wednesday, March 1st - Mass (Grades 4K, 1-4)

Wednesday, March 1st - Dress Code Forum 5-6 PM in Gym

March 1st-17th - ITBS Testing Grades 2-8

Thursday, March 2nd - End of Trimester 2

Thursday, March 2nd - Mass

Friday, March 3rd - Monday, March 6th - No School- Mid-winter break



February 10th - St. Matt's vs. Holy Trinity

February 17th - Holyland vs. Holy Trinity

February 24th - Holy Trinity vs. Shepherd of the Hills

Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary Schola Concert

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Weather Changes

As the weather is getting colder, it is important we remember to have the correct clothing here for recess. Please be sure your child is bringing the correct outside gear to wear! Thank you!
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Advisory Commission

If you would like more information about joining or have something you would like Advisory to discuss, please email the Advisory Committee at advisorycommittee@htschool.net.