You're amazing!!

And you're on my mind!

A call JUST FOR YOU!!!

You are receiving this email because:
a. You're amazing
b. I think you have huge potential with your business
c. You've expressed interest in growing your business
d. You have a team (even 1 member is a team)
e. I would love for you to participate in this call series that is only open to 'special' Pearl Gems!

Pearl Gems "Most Pearly" Entrepreneurs!!

"I believe in the power of women.
I believe that we work better as a team than as individuals.
I believe that if we all set our minds to it, anything is possible.
I believe in YOU!"

I am starting a weekly conference call just for my most special "Pearl Gems" and I want you to be a part of it. We may even have a "special guest speaker" once in awhile too!

Starting Thursday May 30th 8:30p.m.-9:30p.m. EST, I will start a series for the next 4 weeks to help you work through challenges, grow your business & even promote to another level.

Week 1 - Booking Trunk Show Clinic.
Week 2 - Booking another show at a trunk show.
Week 3 - Planting sponsoring seeds at your trunk shows & after the show
Week 4 - Sealing the deal with trunk shows and sponsoring

This is an open forum discussion for everyone to participate and ask questions. I love participation!! Will you join me in this fun venture??

Please RSVP by May 27th, so I know your interest level.

Call in here!

Conference call number: 1 661-673-8605
Dial in access code: 599264

Together, we can can do anything!!