Monday Memo

February 1, 2016

Essential Thought

You(and each of our students) are a mighty person in the making; a masterpiece in progress;

a vessel of honor. ~ Tim Storey

Do not waste our failures. Make use of the information and data we have to make a better tomorrow!


Feb. 1st-5th:



8:10am: IEP/McLean/Emmendorfer/Vigna/Barb O., GISD

9:10am: IEP/Wright/Krupp/Sackrider/Vigna

9:30am: Special Olympics Bus leaves for State Games

10:40am: IEP/Amy Fox/Whittey

4:00pm: Book Club

WEDNESDAY: Grades due

100th Day of School!

THURSDAY: Grade Verification sheets due

1:45pm: 6th Grade Thesaurus Delivery by Jennings Foundation

3:00pm: Running Club

FRIDAY: Report cards go home today

Red and Black Jean Day: Pay $5.00. Proceeds go to Eastern Michigan Food Bank


Begin Practice for M-STEP this Month

Feb. 8th: Last Day for Schedule Changes

Feb. 10th: Early Release/PLC Day

Feb. 15th: President's Day No School!


We took a few months last year to develop our mission together as a staff and with parent input at School Improvement Meetings. Our one job is to fulfill our mission. Our mission should drive all of our decisions both instructionally and should be the soul of our school. Our mission asks us to accomplish three things through engaging, educating, and empowering our students we will:

1. Help our students become compassionate citizens

  • Advisory
  • Service Learning
  • Link Crew
  • Blueberry Ambassadors
  • Kindness campaigns
  • Good Deeds
  • PBIS

2. Help our students learn to be innovative problem-solvers

  • 21st Century Learning Opportunities in the Classroom: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking
  • CCSS(prioritized standards: Depth not breadth!
  • Essential Vocabulary
  • Best Practice and Action Research Strategies
  • Real World Applications
  • Junior Achievement in 6th and 8th Grades
  • Genius Hour in 5th Grade
  • Technology instruction for learning
  • Invention Convention in 5th Grade
  • Student Council
  • Art, Industrial Arts, Music, Band
  • Physical Education
  • PLC Process

3. Help our students to become self-motivated learners

  • Advisory
  • Student Friendly Learning Targets(proficiency scales)
  • Student ownership of data
  • 21st Century Learning Practices: Fostering Creativity and Critical Thinking!
  • Real World Applications
  • Student Choice (Reader's Workshop, Writer's Workshop)
  • Historical Perspectives-Debate

AND so much more! The Kuehn-Haven staff makes this happen each day!


A learning community dedicated to engage, educate, and empower students to become compassionate citizens, innovative problem-solvers, and self-motivated learners.