World religion project

Coppell high school world geography


Christianity is a monotheistic religion founded by the followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Some culture of Christianity is going to church every Sunday no matter what,Another one is that Jesus was the only god.The new religion spread rapidly throughout the Roman Empire.the beliefs are that he was the true god and he is the only one. A brief of history of this religion is that he killed himself for us so that we can live more and not be like the king that killed was founded in jeruslam

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There beliefs is the cycle of birth and death and also when we die we transfer to a new body finding which is when we start the cycle again.they also believe in karma when you do something bad you get bad stuff given back to you.they believe in the four noble truths.they really don't believe in only one god neither do they believe in multiple gods so they are non theists.instead of going to church like Christians do they meditate in temples where they praise there god.

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Hinduism is polytheistic because they believe in many gods. There gods are Ganshea,Shiva, Hanmun, Durga, Lakshim. They also believe in karma when you get bad stuff returned when you do bad stuff and when you do good stuff you get returned the was formed c.2000 B.C.E it was originated in India.
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They have holidays like Chanukkah they celebrate it and is a big holiday.they are strictly monthestic they believe in only Mohammed. They were also in the same place jeruslam and are fighting with Christians to get a piece of land they believe is there's.there rituals are

When being born the father is called up to speak the ritual for the health and blessing for the child and mother. If it is a girl it would be named now and if it was a boy it would be named on the eight day of being born. On his thirteen birthday they are considered adults and should follow the laws they have and respect them and have a bar mitzva.

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Islam is being monthestic and