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Harris ES

"You cannot choose your intentions consciously until you become conscious of the different aspects of yourself." Gary Zukav

Messages from Erin

Milestones is OVER! Thank you to everyone for their support, diligence, and attendance during testing days! It certainly takes a village and you all did a great job!!!

Professional Development

I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on People Skills during the beginning of last week. This was a chance to learn about my behavior style and how to work with those of different behavior styles: controller, stabilizer, persuader or analyzer. Which one do you think you are? More information will be shared on this in the future.

The Math Institute (focusing on fractions this year) will be at Berkeley Lake ES from June 6-9th. We need to submit names of participating teachers as soon as possible. If you are interested in attending, please let me know by Monday morning. There is a stipend. :)

ABCD Award

Congratulations to Janet Fausti who was selected as the ABCD Award winner for March. Enjoy your Starbucks gift card! Congratulations to all those that were recognized by your peers. We have a faculty that continuously goes above and beyond for each other and the students and families at HES.

Please continue to recognize your peers. A winner will be selected for April/May on the last day of school.

Summer Planning

Please let me know if you would like to come in for summer planning sessions. These are optional but my hope is that at least two people from each grade level will come in to work on analyzing the standards over the summer. The more the merrier! There will be a stipend and the schedule can be flexible to meet your needs.

Reminder: There will be a faculty meeting Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM. This will be a chance for us to discuss the Weighted School Assessment, CCRPI, and staff changes for next year.

Relay for Life

Thank you to everyone who supported the Mini-Relay on Saturday. There was a good turnout, and we appreciate your support of this great cause!

I hope you all have a great week. Please continue keeping students focused on and engaged with instruction as we still have many days of learning ahead!

Thank you for all you do!