Steady as "She" Goes


We are all on the SAME SHIP never forget!

A learning organization is "where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning to see the whole (reality or big picture) together - Peter Senge

Apply this moving forward! Areas to Address

Our organization being organized - processes outlined and shared


Flattening the structure does mean shared accountability, responsibility, collaboration, service, and leadership (ownership).

Shared priorities and processes

Looking inside and accepting outside

Adjusting to the currents and bracing for the storms!

We continuously adjust personally and as an organization! But we must be able to put students first.

Discovery - understanding our purposes and setting goals It has to be right for us and we have to have all information (classify and define the issue)

Confirmation - making sure those on our team agree - do we have accurate information

Map it out - we must be strategic, maneuver, educate, allocate, and execute - specify who is in charge of making things happen - have an action plan

Make it So! - Implementation - we must all move together in order to insure successes including allocating resources and people

Monitor Progress - assessment and discuss - we must always adjust

Review - we must come together in meaningful ways at strategic times


Only as good as our Crew!


R-Responsible and Resourceful




Its a Journey! And it Costs ...


  • Account lines must reflect expenses and must be justified on a monthly basis - CHECK!
  • Housing is requesting accountability for certain budget lines detailing expenses and revenues – CHECK
  • Students should get a noticeable ROI and we must hold true to our debt obligations -On Going
  • Budget must be built on realistic revenues CHECK
  • Hold vendors accountable - On going
  • Professional, innovative, hard working staff- on going!
  • Quality is paramount

Increase Revenue

  • Revenue rate structure that makes sense for our students and is planned based on long term growth and stability - Ongoing
  • Application Fee raised to $200 (fee increase proposed for 2015 is an additional $147,000) Fridge Rental / Charge (Check)
  • Cancelation fee increase from $200 to $500 (2012) Increase again 2015
  • Proper billing for damages
  • 12 Month Contracts offered for FDH/RAMS and assigned accordingly
  • Increase camp and conference revenue by encouraging partnerships
  • Shared costs with other areas of campus
  • Seek grant funds


  • Purchases need to be planned on an economy of scale for savings, cyclical costs, and improvements.
  • Enrollment and occupancy management
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