Canadian Teen Culture

Hockey And Tim hortons

Aboot Canada

Canadian's are the best at hockey but we are too nice to be cockey about it. We enjoy Tim Hortons more than anyone else. Shoveling driveways and holdings doors is a daily act that we have to accomplish.
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There are many sterio types about the way Canadian's talk, but most of them are true.

We say 'about' not 'aboot' also 'out' not 'oot' and yes we realize we say 'eh' a lot. But it's not as bad as 'y'all' and we pronounce the letter 'z' different then you. Please and thank you is a word that is used a lot with Canadian's maybe a little to much, but it's not our fault that we have great manners built into the way we talk. For me personaly the word 'eh' is at the end of pretty much every sentence I say, and I say Please and thank you a little to much.


Before and after hockey games or practices a stop at Tim Hortons is a must, tea, hot chocolate, or a french vanilla followed by a donut is my personal choice. But then again it all depends on how hungry I am. Also my hockey sticks, even if I don't use them anymore mean a lot to me I tape the ones I use before every practice and game. My phone is another thing that is a value to me, unless I'm near a frozen pond.
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Core Values

My Core Values are simple, friends and family first, hockey second, next is my dog, then food, after is music, and finally teachnology. I'll explain why these are my values. I hangout with friends a lot and I would not want that to change because me and my bud's have good laughs together. Family is the most important thing to me, because I can tell them personal things and they are always there for me to lean back on. Hockey is a major part of my life, it was take up most of my time but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make because I love the game. My dog is awesome even thought she's a snob and over weight she's super mega cute and always makes me laugh. Food is something i scuff daily, before and after school, during school, and before and after hockey, so pretty much I eat food all the time. I think if i didn't play hockey I'd be over weight. Music is a way I get chilled out also it's a way I get 'pumped up'. Before hockey or a work out I listen to 'pump' up music to get me ready. But mostly I listen to country, if I'm mad it's a good way to calm me down, but either way i listen to it daily. This is 2014 and technology pretty much runs society, it's a major part of my life and I like discovering new ways it can help me.
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Customs & Traditions

I celebrate all holidays, and birthdays. The night before christmas my family and I watch the movie 'The Polar Express' and we've been doing that for a while. For holidays such as St. Patrick's day, and Canada day etc, my family doesn't really go over board with it. We don't get eachother gifts or anything, my parents usually bring my brother and I out for dinner. For my brother and I's birthday we usually get a card and money from aunts and uncles. I haven't gotten an actual wraped gift since I was about 10, and I'm ok with that because I don't really need or want anything. I don't usually ask for gifts becaue I already have everything I want, but my parents end up getting my a gift either way. Now back to holidays, Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in my family. Almost all of our family members that are close to us come to our house for a turkey dinner and dessert. They sleep over and in the morning we have a big breakfast.