GO Center Monthly Activity Report

Meadowbrook Middle School | Nov 01 - Dec 31 (AY 2015-2016)

TCC-Trinity River Campus Tour

Students visited TCC-Trinity River for a tour where they learned about various academic offerings and campus resources/programs. Twenty students attended:

  • Washington, Gregory
  • Mendoza, Diego
  • Gonzalez, Jacob
  • Reynaga, Luis
  • Salazar, Anthony
  • Lopez, Maricela
  • Adeyemo, Abimbola (Michael)
  • Lozano, Gabriela
  • Bowers, Jaime
  • Gonzalez, Sheyla
  • Juarez, Juan
  • Sharp, Nickolas
  • Huynh, Anna
  • Fraire, Javier
  • Giron, Brandon
  • Rodriguez, Anthony
  • Heedley, Janina
  • Rodgers, Kenneth
  • Gaines, Ta'nya
  • Manrique, Gerardo

Mrs. Medina helped chaperone.

Guest Speaker – Cheryl Jones, City of Fort Worth, Housing and Economic Dept.

Jones visited and spoke with the Frontline Leaders about her career and shared words of advice/encouragement.

CHOICES Applications + Soy Oncor Mentoring

CHOICES Applications

Assisted 8th grade students with the district's POC/GSPOC application and gathering required additional documentation. The GO Center helped approximately 35 Meadowbrook students this application cycle. Students should receive notification the first week in February.

Soy Oncor Mentoring

Throughout November and December students discovered more about the district's CHOICES program. Mentors sat with students to explain the benefits of selecting a POC/GSPOC high school and how successful completion could impact the rest of their lives. The information was particularly beneficial for the 7th grade participants as they have additional time to consider the options available next year.

Matches ended the semester with a holiday celebration. Each of the mentors received 'Thank You' cards from their students along with a Target gift card from the program.

Upcoming events/activities

  • Tarleton State University campus tour
  • College Week 2016
  • Parent Day (part of College Week)
  • Girls Inc mentoring