Fifth Grade Updates

September 24, 2015

Dear parents,

We need your help with our morning procedures. In the morning, the tardy bell for class rings at 7:45. Once your child arrives, they are expected to unpack in the hallway, get settled in their classroom, complete a warm-up, and watch the morning announcements before 7:55 when our "specials" classes (art, music, PE, and fitness) begin. As you can imagine, it is hard for many of our students to complete all of those items within ten minutes. Please consider your child and their personality in the morning. If your child is slow-moving in the morning or a needs extra time to complete assignments at school, they may need to start arriving earlier. Students are allowed to start entering the classrooms at 7:30, and those 25 minutes may be necessary for some of our students to start their day well.

Progress Reports

We have reached the middle of the nine weeks and would like to invite you to check your child's grades and progress at this time. Please note that we have not taken many assignments as a grade yet due to camp and beginning of the year procedures. Also, please sign the bottom of their star chart indicating that you are aware of behavior and work habits by Monday.

« Parent Portal

In addition to providing direct access to our Parent Viewer information (grades/attendance), the Parent Portal serves as the primary resource for all of the services provided online to our parents. This site gives you direct access into your child's classroom information, registration to your child's campus eNews, district-wide information and links to other often used services.

Camp Wrap-up

We had a blast at camp last week! From the s'mores to skits to archery, fishing, and canoeing, there were so many smiles! I will be uploading pictures and videos from camp over the next week to our Google Site for all to see. If you have any pictures you would like to share with the grade level, please send me the digital copy and I will add it as well! I'd encourage you to look through your student's Camp Field Guide to see all that they learned. What great memories we made!

Upcoming Dates

Oct. 5 - 11:00 Parent Class in Library

Oct. 6 - Picture Day

Oct. 6 - 2:45-3:30 Student Council Meeting

Oct. 12 - Student Holiday

Oct. 12-16 - Parent Teacher Conferences (more info to come next week)

Oct. 14 - Field trip to Rice Middle School

Oct. 23 - Report Cards go home for first nine weeks

Oct. 26-30 - Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 29 - Book Fair begins

Oct. 30 - Field Day

Fifth Grade Google Site

We have created a fifth grade site through Google in order for you to have quick access to resources that parents commonly ask for. Please note that it is under construction currently! We have not had the opportunity to develop it yet, but within the next few weeks, you should be able to find many helpful tidbits on it!