Arming your Class of 2012 for success has never been easier...or less expensive (just's free!)

Right at the time your budget is getting squeezed to the max, your students and their parents are expecting more and more services from their college career centers. You want YOUR grads to be the best prepared young professionals on the market, but there's only so much you can do while they're on campus.

You can give them cheat sheets for real life after no cost to them or you!

US military servicemen and women, for years, have been provided with a book free of charge to help them make their transition to civilian life and the corporate world. Do your graduates deserve any less during their important transition?

Just by requesting copies of the award-winning book, GRADS: TAKE CHARGE of Your First Year After College!, you'll be setting the wheels in motion to provide your entire graduating class with the one resource they need to make a smooth and successful transition from campus to the real world of work and independent living.

Request gift books for your Class of 2012 today!

It couldn't be easier to gift your grads with this valuable resource: just click here to download the request form and then be prepared with a plan to get the books into the hands of your grads when the books arrive. That's it! We'll start to put together your gift package, sponsored by local and national businesses who are committed to supporting young professionals like yours.

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