My Presidential Evaluation

By Andy Wichmann

George W. Bush

Who is he? He was the oldest of 6 kids of George and Dorothy Bush. He went to school at Yale University. George got accepted to national guard while we were fighting the Vietnam war. He trained to become a pilot. He completed 3 years of active duty. After that he went to Harvard to study business. He returned back to Texas after earning a MBA to work in the oil industry. In 1988 Bush moved his family to Washington D.C. to help his father in the white house. ("George Bush Biography") After Bush helped his father's bid, he moved back to Texas and help a group of investors purchasing the Texas Rangers baseball team. Bush earned a little reputation as a business man. After his fathers loss against Bill Clinton, Bush ran for governor of Texas. His help with the investors with buying the Rangers Baseball team, Bush ended up winning over Democrat Ann Richards. As a governor Bush was a conservative. After being Governor of Texas for 4 terms.


Bush wanted to run for President. In 1999 he began that journey for president. Bush was running against Al Gore for the 2000 election. There was no clear winner. It was close to the end. Bush ended up winning with 271 to 266. He soon faced a strongly divided government. Bush pushed through a 1.3 Trillion dallor tax cut to stimulate the economy. On September 11 2001 Bush was faced with his most difficult problem as president. Terrorists has struck the country at its center. Highjacking a few amount of airplanes and crashing them into the world trade center. Second Term as President. With the war on Iraq not going very well George Bush still managed to pull through and win the election. ("George Bush Biography") In his second term as president George Bush really want to pass immigration reforms. He soon got criticized for doing so. His slow and poor response to Hurricane Katrina made people start not liking him as president. 2008 was his last year as president. Fighting two foreign wars, huge debt, the economy was not looking good.

Life after the white house

When Bush left the office, he left a lot of unfinished business and the country was divided politically. Bush and his wife moved back to Dallas Texas where they currently live today. Like all other president, George W. Bush will be either a good, bad or an okay president based off his successes and failure.


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