Board Meeting Highlights

November 6, 2019 TUHSD Board of Trustees Meeting

Draft Resolution for a Potential Parcel Tax Ballot Measure

Dr. Taupier presented a draft Resolution 19-6 for inclusion on the March 3, 2020 ballot if approved by the Board. She introduced attorney William Tunick of DWK (Dannis Woliver, Kelley) to provide background on why the parcel tax in 2018 was not structured by square footage, and why it is not recommended for the new parcel tax. Mr. Tunick clarified the ballot language and Exhibits and answered board questions.

Public Comment included Mimi Williard, Larkspur resident; Benedetto Cico of San Anselmo, and John Grele from Mill Valley.

The Board discussed the recent survey results, and asked questions of the TBWB consultant, Sabrina Kochprapha, related to recommendations based on the polling and their experience with other District parcel tax measures. There was no action taken on this item.

A Public Hearing on the Resolution 19-6 is scheduled for the November 19, 2019 meeting, and the Resolution will be presented for board approval on that agenda.

COMPASS Program Update

Dr. Taupier introduced Jonathan Eldridge from College of Marin (COM), who coordinates the COMPASS program at Tamalpais High School. He provided background on the countywide program, how it has grown in the past five years, and the success it has shown in college enrollment and bridging the opportunity gap for students at Tam. Students who complete the four year program at Tam earn college credit and are awarded free tuition for two years at COM. The program collaborates with other services at Tam, and may be expanded to other sites. The board voted unanimously to approve the Memo of Understanding for the 2019-20 school year.

English Language Learner Report

Dr. Kim Stiffler, Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction, presented an annual report on English Language Learners (ELL) in the Tam District. She presented definitions, requirements, goals, testing, demographic trends, and data to give the Board an overview of the program. EL Coordinators Debbie McCrea, Nikki Pelletier, and LoRayne Ortega from Redwood, Tam, and Drake also reported on successes and challenges for the support programs at their sites.

Local Control and Accountability Plan Local Indicators Discussion

Dr. Taupier presented the local indicators for the LCAP. She also provided background information on the California State Priorities and how they align with our LCAP goals. She showed areas where standards are met and how the information is presented on the State Dashboard. She reviewed areas of growth, and the Board discussed next steps.

Public Comment included Laura Anderson, former Board member representing Marin Healthy Youth Partnerships, who thanked the Board for addressing student health goals as well as academics.

Parcel Tax Citizens' Oversight Committee for Measure J

Corbett Elsen, Chief Financial Officer, recommended the approval of the four candidates who applied to serve on the Oversight Committee. There is a remaining seat on the committee if other candidates come forward. The Board voted unanimously to approve candidates Jennifer Ginsburg, Tammy Wilkes Kornfeld, Bill Levinson, and John Richard.

Legislative Updates

Dr. Taupier updated the Board with background information on four bills recently passed by the legislature that will impact our District. Senate Bill 328, the late start bill, requires high schools to start no earlier than 8:30 am starting in July 2022. She also reviewed the Split Roll Prop 13 and Full and Fair Funding initiatives that will possibly be on the November 2020 ballot.

The Youth Vaping Prevention report was moved to the November 19 meeting agenda.

Upcoming Board Meetings

November 19, 2019: Regular Board Meeting (Public Hearing & Potential Parcel Tax Resolution)

December 10, 2019: Regular Board Meeting (First Interim Report - required before December 15)

December 17, 2019: Annual Organizational Meeting. This meeting date was added to comply with recently passed legislation, requiring the organizational meeting to be scheduled within 15 days after the second Friday in December.

2019-2020 Board Meeting Calendar

Tamalpais Union High School District

Superintendent: Tara Taupier, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources: Lars Christensen

Chief Financial Officer: Corbett Elsen

Board members: Leslie Harlander, President; Cynthia Roenisch, Clerk; Karen Loebbaka, Dan Oppenheim, and Kevin Saavedra.