The Fresh-Eyes Report #1

"Du pain, du vin, du Boursin."

The Genesis

Based on an idea from Jarka, I will try to send a weekly report on different news/facts which can be useful or at least good to know for our team. Don't hesitate to tell me how I can improve this report and if the content appears to be really interesting.

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In France, the gluten-free market is continuously increasing as 600.000 people suffer from intolerance to gluten. That is the reason why Chef de France has launched a range of gluten-free spreadable products called "Les Tartinables Salés".

From the "Goat-cheese/alpine herbs" to the "Emmenthal/hazelnuts" flavors, the Savoyard brand tends to offer a wide choice of savory spreadable products for the aperitive. But Chef de France also offers sweet flavors like "Apple / caramel" for the dessert.

The sale commitment is based on the use of high quality ingredients.

Price : 3.90€-4.30€ (100g)
Where : super/hypermarkets, delicatessen shops and regional products shop.

Website :

Comments : On one hand, a lot of people are suffering from real intolerance to gluten. On the other hand, it has also became a consumption trend to eat gluten-free products. As this market is really innovative and booming, it is interesting to see that gluten-free brands now offer spreadable cheese-flavored products for the aperitive.

Is "Du pain, du Boursin, du vin" the correct order ?

This is what this chart seems to tell. If French people should save 3 culinary specialities, they whould choose bread, cheese and wine. Great sign of a bright future for Boursin !

* Ipsos survey realised on-line (18-24/09/2015) on a 1000 people representative sample of the French population (aged 18+)

Source : Marketing PGC