Resources for February

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Teaching from all aspects

When we are teaching about all stages of history in our country or about other cultures it is important that we teach all sides of the story. So many of us have learned the "basic info" from important historical events, but that information is usually from ONE perspective.

Also, February is known as Black History Month. We usually talk about African Americans that have made an impact in our culture and that is awesome, but do you ever think that only talking about those life changers could be studied year round? Should we be intertwining that within the school year?

While I will be giving you some resources that include famous African Americans, I also want to encourage you to talk about ALL cultures throughout the year. If you are having the kids study people, do they all have to be assigned a famous African American? Or could they study several different people that have influenced them no matter what their culture is?

Just some things to think about....

Who Was......Books

These books are GREAT!! They are short chapter books about different people. This would be great as a read aloud for younger grades and as an independent read for kids around level M/N. Biographies are great for read alouds and kids LOVE to learn facts about people. The titles we have here in our library are:

*King Tut

*Ben Franklin

*Maurice Sendak

*Harriet Tubman

*Albert Einstein

*Ann Frank

* Martin Luther King Jr.

*Walk Disney

*Christopher Columbus

Check them out in the BIOGRAPHY section under the person's last name the book is about.

More info about the books is found

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New Books

We have tons of NEW BOOKS!!! This cart has tons of new titles that relate to Civil Rights, Famous African Americans, and more. I will keep these on this cart for you to look through. We have a "Civil Rights" section in the 300's and it will be labeled with one of the red signs.