Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment

James Patterson


My favorite character is Max (Maximum Ride). She is my favorite character because she is adventurous, nice, and a good leader. She is a human- avian who can fly. She will never back down in the face of a challenge. She knows how to do martial arts very well. She grew up in a dog crate in a lab. She was stolen by Jeb, a white coat who felt bad for them. She lived with him and her flock who also are avian-humans. I would love to be friends with this character because she would always protect me and be by my side.

The Conflict

Save Angel

The main conflict in this book is that one girl named Angel was kidnapped by white coats and the flock has to save her.

New Yawk, New Yawk

The flock tries to find their past in New York City

A good book to read

I would recommend this to readers ages 8-16 because this book is funny, adventures, and it is suspenseful you will not stop until it is finished.

The Places

The flock flies all around the U.S.A. trying to save the world.

Fiction (Hopefully!!)

This book is fiction. At least that is what I think.

About this book

This book is about six avian kids. They are trying to survive alone. One of the them has been kidnapped. Now they must save her.