Trilobites of the Month!!!

fossil group of extinct marine arthropods

Physical Characterstics

I have a hard exterior which helps protect me against predators. My shell is made up of three layers. It's very strong, but varied in thickness and shape among my species. My body has three distinct body sections. Which include the cephalon, the thorax and the pygidium. The cephalon (head section), contains my eyes, mouthparts and antennae. Now the thorax (middle section), provides flexibility for me to bend or roll up into a ball. Lastly, the pygidium (tail section), is comprised of several fused segments and varies in size depending on which trilobite your talking about. Now I was among the first creatures to develop sophisticated eyes. My unique eyes are made up of many units similar to those found in insects today. My vision is highly sensitive to motion and has good depth of field with minimal distortion.

Not a social butterfly

Trilobites had little interactions with other Arthropods.

Trilobites are trailblazers

Trilobites are often used by geologists and paleontologists to date the rock formations in which they are found. They show how evolution occurs starting from the simplest form to the most complex Trilobites.