Mrs. Weitman's 5th Grade

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January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a relaxing break and that you had a chance to have more family time.

It's time to gear up again for learning. Ready or not, here it comes!

How Young They Look!

This was taken on the first day of school.
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What We are Learning this Week

Division will continue to be our focus this week in Math. The Unit 4 Math test will be this Friday, so look for review packets to come home early in the week. You may use these packets as needed. We will also be reviewing in class. Does some of the math befuddle you? Remember, you can access the Student Reference Book online at Your child has his/her individual log-in information.

This week in Writing we will continue to write about the Revolutionary War. The students are all working on different types of writing (e.g., narratives, essays, all-abouts) and are in various stages of writing. This week, please pay special attention to the Writing homework assignments. The students will be expected to write, write, write for homework. Thank you in advance for encouraging your child and making sure they are practicing this very important skill.

In ELA we will be practicing making inferences and figuring out the meaning of challenging words in text. When making inferences, students are taught to use the words they read and combine them with their schema (what they already know about the subject). As we start the new year, we will also be coming up with reading resolutions.

Students learned how to measure distances on a map and then use the map scale in Math class before the break. In Math Extension, we will be taking that skill one step further as students practice using the different features of a road map. Each student will also be solving a place value riddle and then explaining the steps he/she took to come up with the answer. Writing about one's own thinking is a challenging skill, but the students are really starting to improve.

Upcoming Events

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January 12

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January 13

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January 21

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January 22

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