Mrs. Cornell's Class

News for April

Dear Parents,

I just can't use the snowy background anymore! Here's to a real spring. May it be here soon!

Be sure to look at the Upcoming Events below as there are many. Look too in your child's Tuesday folder for a paper I would like returned related to an upcoming field trip to the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota. We need your permission, some funds, and a chaperone or two. The sheet coming home should be self-explanatory, but let me know if you have questions.

We have resumed switching for content, which allows one Get Ready time per day. Currently, we are switching back and forth between Reading and Math. On the horizon in early May we take our Dibels tests. I spent some time last week doing some checking, and I feel very good about our progress. Let me say also that I could not be more proud of our class's results on the NWEA tests.

As I told you at conferences, we had skipped some math tests in an effort to get through more curriculum. The students have been very good sports about tackling those in the last two weeks and I am now sending home "3" unit tests with most students. (Some have odds and ends to finish up.) Next week, we take our Unit 5 Reading test.

I've been refilling our snack cupboard courtesy of the gift cards purchased and given by some generous parents at the beginning of the year. Additionally, I have been able to purchase some Beanie Babies that are an integral part of decoding and comprehension strategies. Teachers are inherently thrifty. I found most of what I need at the local thrift stores and they were in "like new" condition. Also, earlier in the year I purchased some comfy cushions that are very popular when students have their independent or partner reading time. "Thank You" and "Thank You" to the PTO! Our snack cupboard is getting low again. If possible, please send in a box of crackers.

I know that I just can't manage a newsletter each week, but please always feel free to contact me at any time with any concerns or questions.

Jo Cornell

Upcoming Events:

Wed, May 1st - East Planetarium

Tues, May 7th - Spring Dibels

Thurs, May 9th - Ice Cream Social, Book Fair, Art Show, and Dance 5 - 7:30pm

Mon, May 13th - Children's Museum
Tues, May 14th - Two Hour Late Start


This "Glog" is a fantastic resource for me in the classroom. We are able to use some things on it each week to enhance our learning through engaging activities. I am sharing it with you. Students may do some exploring or may go back to activities that we used in class.
Raz-Kids is an online, self-paced reading website. The teacher username is "jocornell". Students know their passwords. Students first listen to a story, then read that story, then take a quiz. Each task they do earns them points.


We use this weekly in school (except when the lab is busy with testing!) Students really enjoy practicing math on this site. Your child should know their username and password, if not I can email it to you.

Some good activities to practice this week include:
First Grade: B11, B15, D13, D14, F3, F6, L3, L4, M1, M2, N2
Second Grade: E7, E10, E11, F7, F9, F11, M7, M14

Students may explore other activities and may need support.
Be sure to bookmark this site. There are hundreds of math games to choose from. The higher the number, the more difficult the skills.