Social Media Manager Tryout Project


Unique qualifications:

  • Computer Literate- I am very skilled when it comes to computers. Managing applications and creating projects on both desktops and smartphones is enjoyable.
  • Creative- I love creating things. Whether that's crafting, scrapbooking, journaling, mixing music, or editing pictures; I enjoy being unique and taking pride in my creations. I also am a big memory enthusiast. I'm the person who takes videos and pictures of the smallest of details and keeps tickets and programs from everything as keepsakes.
  • Amiable- I do my best to always respect and listen to my teammates and value the importance of relationships.
  • Good reputation-I always want to portray the sweet, well- rounded, all- american girl persona and want to exhibit this in all my work.
  • Intelligent- I am a responsible and studious student who loves to learn and knows how to manage priorities, my current cumulative GPA is 3.90.
  • Hard worker- Pulling my own weight in situations is vital, I enjoy and welcome feedback from others and using that to improve myself for future references.