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Vietnam Vets Against The War. (Vietnam War)

Vietnam Vets formed an organization to combat against the Vietnam war called, "Vietnam Veterans Against The War" The group helped draft legislation for education and job programs, and assisted veterans with post-war health care, the main cause of the these changes/Help towards the Vietnam war is because Vietnam was a losing war, and the Government had Citizens drafted into the Military without a choice, and the Physiological damages that was dealt during the war, and the killing of innocent civilians, women and Children were not popular, which all sprouted the way to Vietnam Vets Against The War.

Tech Advances/Computer/Apple

Computers in the 1970's weren't that common, but as Technology progressed Home Computers became a common thing, from help from Apple Co. The Interested in computer Advancements and Technology we've came from 16-bit Pixels, and now we're at 4k resolution HD in only 39 Years!
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Steve Jobs, founder of Apple seen with the First Version of the Apple Computer.

Other Pictures of Apple Co.

Apple & The Stock Market

The Crash!

In 1976 Apple Co. was worth nothing, but now in 2015, they're a Multi-Million/Billion Dollar Company, but in 2008 Apple, Google, and Yahoo stocks Dropped, causing the Market to crash.Which came after the U.S. House of Representatives rejected the government's $700 billion bank bailout plan. This Dow drop obliterated $1.2 trillion in market

Music in the 1970's

The 70's were the birth of Famous and Legendary Bands/Musicians, such as David Bowie to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, majority of songs during the Time was about Marijuana, LSD, and other Drugs of the same caliber, and also going to San Francisco. And this was the time of Woodstock, which the whole performance help Over 400,000 People.


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The Space Race!

The Space Race was between The United States and the Soviet Union, The Race war from supremacy in spaceflight, which ended in 1972, Three years after Apollo 11's landing on the Moon by NASA.

Ping-Pong Diplomacy/Nixon

The Ping-Pong Diplomacy was a way that Nixon tried to increase relations with China, through a Ping-Pong Match, with their Slogan being, "Friendship First, Competition Second" this also changed American's Idea of The Chinese, one of the American Team says "The people are just like us. They are real, they're genuine, they got feeling. I made friends, I made genuine friends, you see. The country is similar to America, but still very different. It's beautiful. They got the Great Wall, they got plains over there. They got an ancient palace, the parks, there's streams, and they got ghosts that haunt; there's all kinds of, you know, animals. The country changes from the south to the north. The people, they have a, a unity. They really believe in their Maoism."
President Nixon with China's Leader Mao Zedong
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The American Ping-Pong Team on the cover of TIME Magazine On the Great Wall Of China.
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Great Wall Of China!
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