POHW Before And After Poster

BY: Aislinn Smith

1) Hollis outlook on life

in the begging Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end, she is happy to be a part of the Regan family

DIRECT QUOTE:do you think its because i'm hear?


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2)Hollis feelings about Josie

Hollis saw Josie standing in the door way and she had a knife in her hand so Hollis thought she was some kind of freak,and in the end she loves her and is sad to leave her.

DIRECT QUOTE:She had a knife in one of her hand.


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3) Hollis acts all strong then is soft

In the begging Hollis acts all strong to protect her self. And in the end she cry's at Josie's house so she kin dove held back her feelings all of those years and know she just had to let them all out.and i think that she is always sad about not having a family. :-)

DIRECT QUOTE:I did cry then but just for a moment. If i had let my self go i would have had a hard time stopping


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4)Hollis loves the old man.

in the begging Hollis dose not like the old man that much.and in the end she loves him she gets to know him much more and she a preheats him more than he did in the begging.

DIRECT QUOTE: I'm going to call you old man


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5)how Hollis dose not have a family and then she gets one

in the begging Hollis dose not have a family and she wants one she did not have one her whole life and she has wanted one. And in the end she gets what she wanted. She was happy for the rest of her life.

DIRECT QUOTE: I said do you think i could come home.


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6) Hollis loves to draw then she sees something different in her photos.

Hollis dose not think that there is anything special in her drawings then she sees something in the end she likes it and that why she goes back to the Regans in the end.

DIRECT QUOTE:how had i drawn all that and not seen it?


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7)Hollis relationship with Steven

Hollis is inshore of Steven in the begging. But in the end she gets used to him and loves him.

DIRECT QUOTE: Twelve i said bumping it up almost a year and tough.


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