from the Principal for Indian Hills Staff


Recess Update

This section is about a change that we are implementing at recess, that we think will help us to capture more classroom teaching time and more counseling help on counseling related issues. Over the past couple of years, we have been making adjustments that have helped to manage recess issues, and we would like to continue to make improvements to the way that we work with children at recess.

In the past, students have come throughout the day to their classroom teachers, to the office, or to our counselors Michelle and Suzanne with concerns that we have helped them solve. This year, the change that we made was to settle issues from one recess at another recess in order to preserve classroom teaching time. We have been pretty consistent with this throughout the year, and it has worked better than the previous system of seeing students throughout the day.

For the rest of this year, We would like to move forward with another improvement. We are finding that classroom teachers are spending time solving recess disputes after recesses. This takes away from valuable teaching time. Also, our counselors are using time to work on these problems during the recesses. Although they have done a good job with this, time spent on issues that fall within counselors' area is being reduced significantly, as our counselors work on these recess concerns.

We would like to try and help both classroom teachers have more time for teaching, and counselors have more time for counseling responsibilities by making another adjustment.

We will be asking the recess assistants to handle the recess concerns and disputes at recess as they occur, so that when students come into the building, they can get right to work in the classroom. We know that students who have more serious issues will still be sent to the office, but many problems can be resolved at recess saving valuable teaching and counseling time.

This will require some adjustment on the part of the recess assistants. They are already working with students on issues at recess, and we are asking them to increase their work in this area.

We will be providing additional support for the recess assistants in how to help students with problem solving, and we are looking into bringing in an established program that some other schools are using to improve behavior at recess.

We know that recess assistants are already working to help students on issues at recess, and we appreciate their accepting this challenge to increase their work to help students with problem solving.