Inmate dies in Cobb County Jail

by: Chris Vizcaya

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History of Jail...

-This jail is called Cobb County Adult Detention Center

-Located in Marietta, GA

-pretrial facility of approximately 11 acres under roof

-There is 3 different buildings in this jail, but building A was created in 1987 with a cost of $13.7 million dollars

-The total bed capacity for all three buildings is 3,077

-visiting a inmate includes video visitation

-visitors 17 years of age or older will be photographed and finger printed for safety reasons

-many rules when entering the jail including no smoking no drugs in facility etc.

-There have been numerous jails built over the years of Cobb County’s existence.

-The building was 5 stories and housed many government agencies.

-The basement housed the entire Sheriff’s Office, including an intake and release area

-During the 1980’s the inmate population increased a lot which created an overcrowding issue in the high-rise jail

-overcrowding in jails had lasted all the way til today's time

-The cost of the 864 bed facility was $48,000,000

-The jail consisted of 4 pods, each pod having 6 blocks and 1 recreation yard.

George Gengarelly

George was born in 1953 with facts not showing his birthday but born in Hernando, FL. He was living long but the age he died was 63 years old. He didn't have a really successful life before he died.


Gengarelly had been in custody at the Cobb County Adult Detention Facility since April 12 on charges of murder, aggravated assault, rape, sodomy/aggravated sodomy and possession of tools for the commission of a crime that occurred in 1991. He was found dead in his cell at around 4 am and it was reported a suicide death.

Court ruling

George Gengerally was placed into jail without bail by court judge.

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