Google Classroom Tutorial

Come see a demonstration and learn some tips!

Learn How it Works

I will give demonstrations of the following Google Classroom features:

  • Setting up classes
  • Adding Students
  • Posting Assignments
  • Making/attaching PDFs to replace paper articles or readings
  • Distributing "worksheets" (Google docs) so that each student gets his or her own copy
  • Grading
  • Keeping track of the electronic clutter
  • Student/Teacher discussion boards
  • Archiving a class

Discuss and Troubleshoot

We will tackle these questions, plus any more you have:

  • What about our Google calendars?
  • Can parents see Classroom?
  • What about the resource kids--how will Sarah have access?
  • How does this benefit kids and teachers?

10:30 AM on Monday, 9/14 (Mapping Day)

Bring your laptop to the 3rd floor lab (302) for a change of pace during your work day.

Hope to see you there!