Eagle Flyer

August 25, 2014

From The Principal's Desk

Welcome Back, Soaring Eagles!

Our first day of school will be Tuesday, September 2, 2014! The first bell will ring at 8:30 AM.

Please mark your calendars for the Back to School Nights:

Grades 1 - 3: Thursday, September 4, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Grades 4 - 6: Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Kindergarten: Wednesday, September 3, 2014:

6:15 PM – 7:00 PM for AM K Parents

7:30 PM – 8:15 PM for PM K Parents

Please check out the updated Parent Handbook on our website!

I hope you have been Rockin' Out With A Book. Be sure to bring your log in the first day of school to get points toward your classroom library. Your teacher will be counting on you! See you soon!

Fondly, Mrs. Salvesen

Ava Is Rockin' Out With A Book

The Hunger Games*

Author: Susanne Collins

Age level: Pre-teen

Review: The Hunger Games is a book of action and some dramatic scenes. In the book, two tributes from twelve different districts are chosen to do an outraging fight to the death in an arena. This fight is called the Hunger Games. These chosen tributes are then sent off to the Capitol for Hunger Games training. After the training, the tributes get sent into the Hunger Games, a deathly arena, where they fight, hunt, and strategize to win food and money for their districts. Read this book to find out how two heroes, Katniss and Peeta, face the challenge of the Hunger Games!

* Parents, Many of our mature 6th graders are reading the Hunger Games. Please be aware that the book contains violent scenes that may not be appropriate for all students. Mrs. Salvesen


Author: Sarah Weeks

Age level: Intermediate

Review: PIE is a book that is full of fun and action! It is about a woman named Aunt Polly who was a great pie baker. Probably the best pie baker in town! When Aunt Polly passes away, Alice, Polly’s niece, or Alice’s mother has to pick up the gift of baking and finish running Polly’s pie shop. But, without Polly’s best pie crust recipe, the pie shop is in jeopardy! Read the book to find out what Alice and her mother do to fix this problem.

Super Fudge

Author: Judy Blume

Age level: Primary

Review: Peter’s little brother Fudge is nothing but trouble! Peter and Fudge’s mother is having another baby and Peter’s afraid the baby will turn out like Fudge. Fudge on the other hand, is happy to be getting another sibling. But, everything goes wrong when Tootsie is born. Fudge becomes a complete maniac! Fudge messes around with the baby, is really hyper, and disappears with his friend! It is up to Peter and his Family to stop Fudge’s awkward behavior! Read Super Fudge to find out what happens in this slightly crazy but awesome book!

Jessica Is Rockin' Out With A Book

Dragon Rider

Author: Cornelia Funke

Age level: grades 3 - 6

Review: Dragon Rider is a fictional book that creates a whole new world for the reader. Mythical creatures like dragons and talking squirrels are amongst the things that make the book magical. Kids that are comfortable with reading and like exciting novels are best suited although anyone really can read Dragon Rider. The book uses many adjectives and sensory details that really spice up the reading. Lose yourself in a book that opens a brand new world in words.

Griffin Is Rockin' Out With A Book

Spirit Animals Book 3: Blood Ties

Author: Garth Nix & Sean Williams

Age Level: Preteen & Intermediate

Book 3 starts off with Meilin's search through a thick bamboo maze. Finally she finds her dad but her dad's army was attacked, and Meilin is forced to leave. When she rejoins the others, she must help look for an antidote to heal one of her peers who has sunset fever. After they heal him, they set off to search for the talisman of Dinesh. Little did they know that there was a battle waiting for them.

Becky is Rockin' Out With A Book

Title: Wonder

Author: R. J Palacio

Recommended For Grades 3-6

I recommend Wonder because I enjoyed the way the author set up the chapters. I think that because the author wrote the chapters from all of the characters' perspectives, not just one. I also recommend Wonder because of how the story starts as the main character, Auggy, gets bullied because of the way he looks. But soon after Auggy realizes that it’s what’s on the inside that matters. I really enjoyed Wonder and I hope you enjoy it too!

Title: The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry

Recommended For Grade 6

I recommend The Giver because I like the setting. I think that because it was in a world where there is no color, weather, and no personal feelings. In the book, the Giver is a man who is the Receiver, a person that knows about feelings and emotions. But the Giver can not share any of these things with the public, except for a special boy that will need the knowledge to become the new Receiver. I really enjoyed The Giver and I hope you enjoy it too!

Upcoming Events

August 2014

Thursday, August 28: Kindergarten Orientation (10:00 AM)

September 2014

September 2 - First Day of School

September 2 - Kindergarten Tea

September 3 - Back to School Night - Grades K, 4 - 6 (see above for times)

September 4 - Back to School NIght - Grades 1 - 3

September 4 & 5 - 6th Grade Ropes Course (Raindate: September 11 & 12)

September 5: Dining for Doyle @ PA Taproom

September 11, 2014 - Back To School Picnic

September 18 - Home and School Meeting (7:00 PM HR parents only, 7:30 PM all parents)

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