Red Sea Reef

By: Lexi Wilson

Where are they located?

Red Sea coral reefs are the northernmost in the Indian Ocean. They stretch from Egypt to Yemen covering 6,300 square miles.

What is it like?

The Red Sea Coral Reefs contain the most beautiful wildlife you will ever sea (that was a bad pun). The northern and southern parts of these reefs differ drastically though. In the northern part the reefs are very steep and have reef flats only a few yards wide, though in the south it is a much wider continental shelf. Both are equally beautiful in their own ways. More than 260 different species of stony coral have been identified in this sea. Some of the types of fish there include the Blacktail Snapper, Yellowpatch Razorfish, Bluelined Wrasse, and Yellowtip Soldierfish.

Damage that we should start preventing

Although the Red Sea reefs are mainly healthy, intense diving tourism, especially in parts of Egypt, has caused severe local damage. Coral predation by the crown-of-thorns starfish has also been a problem. Lastly there is a threat of oil spillages from tankers heading toward the Suez Canal which would cause an extreme amount of damage.