January Limestone Counseling Update

Limestone Happenings!


January was a blur. We covered the rest of how to calm down and how to focus our thinking to control our emotions. We learned the three steps to calming down (Stop, Name Your Feeling, Calm Down). We focused on belly breathing as a method for slowing down our thoughts and getting ourselves back into the thinking part of our brain (the cortex). Now that we have completed this portion of the Second Step Lessons, we have great self-control and emotional intelligence. The kids are so funny when I use big words and they love learning the new language and meaning. If you are not familiar with Emotional Intelligence you should search it on google and read up! This is something that is so crucial for our young people to learn and practice as these will become life skills they will need in the adult world! If you would like some information on it, below is a link to the Emotional Intelligence Website with great information on emotional intelligence


Now moving forward we are going to focus on the last section of our Second Step Lessons, Problem Solving. We are going to work with for steps called "The Problem Solving Steps" They are:

S: Say the problem without blame

T: Think of Solutions that are Safe and Respectful

E: Explore the Consequences - What could happen if?

P: Pick the best solution and Make a Plan.

When problems arise, feel free to refer back to this process to reinforce this model!