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Update #1

Harvest 2016

Harvest is in full gear across the county. Corn yields have been good, but down from expectations during the growing season. Less solar radiation, cloudy weather, and warm nights during grain fill has decreased kernel size and lowered test weight. Soybean harvest is going good. Yields are great, but every grower we have spoke to has said they've been tough to cut.


We have harvested our 2016 Nitrogen/Population/Fungicide Plot, expect to see an email with more details in the next couple of weeks.

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NEW- The 1197 family will grow in 2017 with a conventional and single stack hybrid.

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Free Encirca Nitrogen App

Pioneer has released a new app for iPhones and iPads called Encirca Nitrogen Pro. It will be available on Andriod devices this winter. This app includes field-by-field nitrogen level monitoring and detailed maps showing conditions by distinct decision zones. Use the app to save different nitrogen plans and field details to simulate the future impact on crop growth and determine the probability of hitting your yield goals. It will also provide weather data such as rainfall, gdu's and solar radiation on individual fields in combination with the DTN weather network. Please contact us to help you log in and attach your fields and past field history to your operation. There is a free trial period until Nov. 30th to take a look at nitrogen models for the 2017 crop year.


The second pay period is quickly coming to an end. October 28th is the final day of Pioneer's 2nd pay period. This will be the lock in your lowest price and receive 0% FINANCING.

Please give Travis, Brian or Brett a call to learn more!