Mrs. Shorter's Showcase

A Weekly Skills Agenda for the week of January 18-22, 2016

This Week in Review

This week we continued our study of weather as we began talking about animals in winter. We introduced Jan Brett as our author study. She has a website with games from her books. We read The Mitten and compared polar animals to other animals. We learned about animals that adapt, hibernate, or migrate during the winter. Ask your child to tell you what those words mean. We also learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream. Ask your child to tell you all about his dream and where he gave his famous speech.

Important Dates and Reminders/Homework

Important Dates and Reminders:

January 18-Martin Luther King, Jr Day-No School

January 25-100th Day of school


Review all sight words

Review number recognition 1-20

Listen for and make rhyming words

Count to 100 by 10s and 1s

Practice listening for and saying all sounds in words (ex. Shoe=sh-oo; Cat=c-a-t)

Read from reading folder, poetry folder, and Ziploc bag of books

Our Week in Pictures

Teaching This Week...

Language Arts/Writing:

Standards #s: RLK 1-10; RIK 1-10; RFK 1a-d, RFK 2d2, 3a-d; WK 2-3, 7-8; SLK 1a-b, 2-6; LK 1a-f, 2a-d, 4a, 5a-d, 6


Letters/sounds-vowel sounds (long and short)

Word building- chunking short "u" and "e"

Sight Words- little

Phonemic Awareness:

Hearing all sounds in words

Hearing rhyming words

Concepts of Print:

Punctuation marks (. , ? !)

Reading from left to right (directionality)


Nonfiction writing

Using spaces between words/Using punctuation marks

Adding details to your story


Standards #s: KCC 1,3, 4a-c, 5-7; KOA 2, 3; KMD2-3; KG 1-4

Counting and Cardinality:

*We are going to be going back to revisit numbers 1-10 as we learn how to compose and decompose numbers using number bonds.


Weather-The Sun's Effects on Earth/Can we lessen those effects?


The 100th Day of School

Our big day is quickly approaching! On Monday, January 25, we will celebrate our 100th day of school. This is an exciting day for kindergarten. In preparation, the class is trying to learn to count to 100 by 1s and 10s. Many are on their way to making the 100s chart in our classroom. We need your help in preparing for this day. Help your child find and count out 100 small items that can fit inside a quart-sized Ziploc bag. (ex. noodles, gem clips, dried beans, cotton balls, etc.) They should count with you by putting the items in groups of 10s then counting the groups to100. Place them in the Ziploc bag (if you need one sent home, let me know) and send them to school by next Friday. We will also be having a special snack to help us celebrate our 100th day. Jolene will set up a sign up sheet for you to send in some items. Lastly, the children can dress up to celebrate this day. You may want to do some research to find out how people dressed in 1916 (100 years ago) or dress as a 100 year old person. I can't wait to see the costumes on our special day. If you have a relative 100 years old or older who can come read to us as we prepare for our special day, please let me know.