Vikings In America

Luke & Jake

Where did the Vikings come from?

The Vikings were all from Scandinavian countries. The Scandinavian countries are Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. These lands were different. Some areas had mountains. Others had forests or land where crops would not grow.
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Why did the Vikings come to America ?

The Vikings came to America because they couldn't grow crops. The Vikings couldn't grow crops because some lived on mountain tops. They also came to America because the Americans wanted to trade with the Vikings.
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Why did the Viking age end?

The Viking age came to an end about 900 years ago. Europe changed and Christianity overtook old viking beliefs.The people they had once raided had built castles to protect themselves and formed armies.

Viking Gods

The most ancient of the gods were the twins, Frey and Freya. They were the gods of fertility. Odin was the head of the gods in Valhalla. His son Thor, the God of strength, was the most popular god.
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Vikings traders

Vikings traded goods that ran along the rivers that ran into Russia. They took wax, honey, slaves, and furs to trade for luxuries such as jewelry, wine, silk, and spices. Many grew wealthy this way.