Cronus and His son Zeus

Abuse of Power Causes your Downfall

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The Game of Sons

Cronus the ruler of heaven and earth was drunk with his own power Rhea knew that one of his sons is going to bring Cronus down and he knew that too. So then he devoured all his children Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades and Poseidon immediately after they were born. Rhea and Cronus were expecting another child but when Rhea had this child he gave him to mother earth. This child is name Zeus, Rhea out smarted Cronus and gave him a rock bundled with cloth and said, “This is our son do with him as you wish.” Cronus with out knowing ate the rock, but he didn't know that mother earth was hiding him at a cave where guards were protecting him the nymphs feeding him. When ever Zeus cried the guards banged their weapons together to block out the crying so Cronus wouldn't hear it. Once he grew up he disguised himself as a servant so he can see his mother Rhea. He told Rhea," Make a poison and I will put it in his drink." Rhea did what she was told and gave the poison to Zeus the gave it to his father making him ill. Cronus then threw up all of Zeus' siblings then afterwards thanking him. This started the Great war Titans v. Olympians. Mother earth helping the Olympians told Zeus that the Cyclops would help them. Zeus freed the Cyclops and then giving the Olympians three special weapons that would help them defeat the titans. "To Zeus we give you the lightning bolts", they said," Now to Hades the helmet of darkness, and for Poseidon the triton." Hades wearing his helmet took Cronus' weapons, Poseidon slammed his triton on the ground which caused it to shake frightening Cronus. Zeus took the final blow and threw his bolts defeating Cronus. They locked Cronus in the depths of the earth which then ended the war.