Maya's Daily Updates

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Friends and Unfriended..

It was a Friday night on April 17th. Four curious and adventurous girls were sitting around, wondering what to do that night. They sat on their phones, looking for activities to do until one second later Maya jumps out and says “Unfriended is out, let's go see it!” They had nothing else to do, so the girls decided to see the movie for fun, plus it was the opening premiere.

They got off the couch and sprinted up the stairs to get Ellie's parents to drive them to the Bay Park Cinema. Many minutes later, Ellie, Maya, Jenna and Abbey were jamming in the car listening to music until the arrival at the theater. They excitedly ran out of the car and bought tickets to the movie. The four friends sat down to watch the movie about a girl who kills herself because of an embarrassing video leaked of her. Then, it gets brought into social media while a group of friends are Skyping and paranormal things start to happen to a group of teenagers. They get threats about admitting who posted the video of the girl. The paranormal activity is happening because of the leaked video and suicide.

The girls sat quietly in the movie theater, jumping every few minutes because of the scares. The whole movie was on a computer based view, so it gave them headaches, but it was really cool. After the movie was over, they slowly got up and walked to the car. Maya and Jenna started to talk about the ending of the movie and predicted conclusions because it left you thinking. Overall, the girls had an amazing time and thought the movie was worth the purchase.

Pop, Bang, Splat. Battling with Balloons?

When the balloons splat from every which way, kids are running around to and fro from every corner of the gym. Turning around to see one of their friends from Aquarius house sprinting towards their red balloon is one big excitement. Students are jumping in surprise and trying their very hardest to get more balloons flattened.

At Bay View Middle School, mid quarter incentives take place to celebrate half way through the quarter. This is when houses choose an activity that students will have a blast participating in. Of course, Aquarius students choose balloon battles because it's amazing competing for your stride.

When all the students get the balloons tied around their ankles and the teacher blows the whistle, screams and pops scatter around the room, filling the air. As the students go on and on popping balloons and hearing the loud cries from the balloons, the area in which you can run around gets tighter and tighter. Finally the students get down to a small circle, and balloons are popping every second. The balloon popping winner gets recognized along with their stride. Later, students are slowly going back to the lockers, wishing they could do it all over again.

Worth the Drive?

While spring break had just arrived, the Brantner family was deeply ecstatic to go visit the beyond gorgeous weather in Nashville. For five days during spring break, they spent days enjoying the 80° weather. They left March 29th and arrived back home on April 3rd. It took an extremely long time to drive to the hotel from their home because they had traveled by car.

The family got to experience the different states and cities they drove through and it was an excellent journey. They roamed through downtown Nashville, which included shopping, zoos, restaurants, museums, live music, and much more.

Finally after the lazy car ride, the time in Nashville with the three girls, Kenzie, Bella and Maya and their parents was memberable. Maya's most favorite part was visiting the zoo because she got to see all different safari and jungle animals. The Brantner's had the time of their lives visiting Nashville and had a blast together.