My favorite places

My old tree house

This place is important to me because it has a lot of memories and my dad made it for me. We had a big giant tree that made me feel like giants tree that made me feel like giants were living up there! it had a little rectangle cut in the side, meant to be a window. I always played in that tree house, it was like my runaway place for me and my friends. Someone would pretend to be the boss and would march around. when we played tag, we would zip up and down the tree house. This would be a nice place to visit because it's beautiful and a good place for your kids to play.
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Mall of Asia

This mall is important to me because it's where I bonded with my aunt that I didn't see for 7 years at the time. It was the prettiest mall I've ever seen, it was like a mall made by gods. It contains over 600 shops and 150 dining establishments. There's separate malls by the main one that have different purposes, like an arena, cinema, etc. It even has an indoor skating rink. When I went, there were sales everywhere, so you'd see people dashing through the stores looking for something to buy.
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This place is important to me because as a kid, me and my family would always go there for my birthday or just to chill in the summer. I saw a turtle once when we were fishing and I thought he could talk, I heard it say "come in and swim!" I was 5 at the time, but I still remember that day. I remember how me and my childhood friends would zip through the tree's while playing tag and one of us would slip and end up with a scraped knee.
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