Cougar Call

Volume 2, Issue 1

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PAC New Students and Teachers

The 2015-2016 school year opened Monday, August 10, at Piedmont Academy with 45 new students and a total enrollment of 284 students. There are 103 students in grades K4 through fifth; 64 students in middle school and 117 students in high school. Twenty-four percent of this year’s student body has alumni parents or grandparents. Drawing from a nine- county area, Jasper County represents 41% of the student body. Newton County represents 25% and Butts represents 28%. Other counties represented include Henry, Jones, Monroe, Putnam, Rockdale, and Walton.

Joining the Piedmont family in PK3 through fifth grade include: Callie Black, Nolan Collier, Grayson Colvin, Kymber Colvin, Paisley Deck, Wyatt Perry, Andrew Pittman, Will Pope, Layleigh Rivers, Harper Tanner, Synclair Wyatt, Macee Wyatt, Matthew Cumbie, Saylor Berry, Aubrey Kitchens, Adam Brimberry, Jake Adamson, Braxton Floyd, Brody Bush, Amber Mason, Dakota Floyd, and Sarah Kate Banks.

New middle school students include: Ryan Reeves, Savannah Taylor, Landon Connor, Andrew Hill, Raleigh Loftin, Clara Ann Sorrow, Andrew Parish, Corey Mote, Cody Vaughn, Laney Martin, and MaLynne Webb.

High school students new to Piedmont Academy include: Caleb Faircloth, Katherine Cunningham, Neely Bradford, Matthew Griffin, Clayton Carter, Hannah Nelson, Rustin Starker, Sydney Reardon, Georgia Allen, Jay Sheets, Lacey Vaughn, and Tanner Casey.

The independent school was founded in 1970 and is entering its 45th year in education. Eight- hundred ninety- three alumni belong to the school’s association. The class of 2015 was the largest graduating class in school history breaking the record of the Class of 1975. The school is “accredited with quality” by the Georgia Accrediting Commission, accreditation from Southern Association of Independent Schools (SACS), and AdvanceEd certified. Piedmont is a member of the Georgia Independent School Association.

New PAC students are all settling in well. When asked what her favorite part of Piedmont was, high school student Sydney Reardon replied, “I really like the food in the cafeteria.” Corie Mote, middle school student, responded, “The new gym is pretty cool.” “P.E. and art are so much fun here,” exclaims Braxton Floyd, elementary student.

Piedmont also got a new faculty member, Coach Colt Spivey. Coach Spivey graduated from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. He will be teaching high school physical education, middle school earth and life science, and weight training. Mrs. Beth Galloway returned to Piedmont after working for a year at Newton County schools. She will be teaching fifth grade and leading Piedmont’s Future Farmers of America program (FFA).

BY: Mikayla Rigsby and Judy Nelson

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History of School

Welcome, Piedmont Academy Cougars, to another amazing school year. If you are a new student to Piedmont Academy welcome. However if you are returning, welcome back. We all know that going to school in the morning is kind of dreadful. We have to get up in the morning and go to school, and we have to stay for hours. When we finally get to come home at the end of the day, we have tons of homework to do. Having to do these things makes us all wonder, who was the horrible person who invented school?

School has actually been traced back into ancient Greece. Groups of students would meet in one main learning area. However a college professor by the name of Horance Mann organized the first public schooling system back in 1837. The first fully organized school system was based in Lexington, Massachusetts. Yes, Mann did invent the schooling system but wasn’t the first to think of the idea of “school." In 1369 a man named Harry P. School built the first “school” but the original idea of “school” isn’t the same today as it was originally intended. Today, we think of school as a place where we learn complicated problems and even a couple of life lessons it was actually a place children would go if they were behaving badly. It was no place for learning, it was a place for punishment. When children would go there, School would hire an adult to watch over the misbehaving children.

Most students will say that the idea of school being a place for punishment is very relatable, however it being an educational place now seems like a relief. Education is so important to our lives these days. It trains our mind from young children to young adults and helps us be successful in our adult lives. If it was still a place for punishment many of us would not know how to do anything such as reading and writing. However, schools are like potato chips you can’t have just one. In the early days of school more were built and they soon became a place any child could go to and learn, if you were poor or not. Schools have been around for ages, such as the one we go to. Piedmont Academy opened its doors to 200 students in the year 1970. It has seen many faces such as Trisha Yearwood who is a famous country singer from Monticello, Georgia.

Piedmont Academy is a very family oriented place, many of our faculty attended Piedmont as well such as Mrs. Judy Nelson, head of admissions and public relations, went to Piedmont Academy when it first opened. “I was in the 6th grade and my parents decided to send my little sister and I to Piedmont.” Nelson stated, “I’m a member of the class of ’77.” She then proceeded to tell me more about her life. “I worked in Atlanta and taught people how to work computers. I got married and had kids. I stayed at home for fifteen years and as my kids got older I became a full time substitute teacher for Rockdale County.” She said. Nelson then began to teach to teach pre-school part time and that soon turned into full time. She has always had closed ties with Piedmont Academy and is even in-laws with the founding parents. Her oldest son attended and so did most of her family. “The person before me went into real estate and then I was hired.” Nelson began working here in 2000 making this school year her fifteenth year. “This is a fun place to work. I’ve made a lot of great friends.”

It has been a great last 44 years for Piedmont Academy so let’s make our 45th year the best one yet.

BY: Sydney Reardon

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Devotional: Through The Storm

Over the summer, I went on a beach retreat with my church youth group. I had the most amazing experience learning about God. The theme of the trip was storms. I’m not talking about the lightning bolt and torrential rain kind of storm, but the trial’s we all face in life. As my preacher always says, “If you have a pulse, you have a problem.” Are you prepared for life’s messy storms? First, realize the One who is sovereign over the storms. Jesus places us in storms, not to harm us, but to strengthen our relationship with Him. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 states, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” We get to witness God working in our lives firsthand. Second, remember the One who walks on the water and tells us not to fear. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”- (2 Timothy 1:7) Fear is not from God! He tells us to not be afraid because God has amazing plans for our life. Jesus has done so much for us; hold His hand and trust Him through the storm.

“Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”- (Romans 5: 3-4)

BY: Mikayla Rigsby

No Cell Phones at School?

It’s no secret that cell phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. Schools now have the daunting task of overcoming students’ inexorable phone addictions. So far, we have seen schools embrace the new heights that modern technology has reached. Phones, tablets, and various other devices have been used numerous ways around the classroom. Other schools have decided to combat the relentless onslaught that is cell phones. Opinions on the use of cell phones in schools have been varied. Research into the topic goes from, “allowing these devices will only encourage their non-educational use in school,” to, “It is time to incorporate and collaborate instead of ban and punish.”

The internet can provide tools to help students understand difficult subjects. Teachers often use certain sites to explain or to go over subject material. For example, at a school outside Chicago, students participated in a French class by using cell phones to call classmates and speak to them in French. In most schools, tablets and laptops are encouraged. Liz Kolb, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Education states that schools are,”really seeing them as a learning tool, not just a toy for entertainment.” Teachers are seeing the benefits of cell phones as more learning tools are created. Some programs allow students to use their phones as clickers for quizzes. “It would be nice if they weren’t part of the school picture,” adds New York teacher Barbara McConnell, “but they are, so let’s use them to our advantage.” Vilson, a middle school teacher who uses all kinds of devices in his own classroom, doesn’t believe that phones provide “much more of a distraction than kids already have. It depends on how [educators] approach the whole process.” I’ve often found it easy to take a picture of notes or diagrams to look at later. This becomes especially useful when we run out of time in class and can’t copy it down. Cell phones can help learning in a classroom, but not if they’re banned.

Parents often buy their children’s phones for safety reasons. Most phones have GPS that help give parents peace of mind. Natalie Milman, a George Washington University education technology professor, said that, “as a parent, I can see parents pushing for it when you think of the shootings that happen.” Another key factor is communication. It is important that parents know if a practice is canceled, if their child needs to stay late, or if there is a family emergency. A quick text can eliminate the lengthy process of going to the front office to contact a loved one. This becomes especially problematic when you don’t remember the phone number.

I don’t know about other students, but I like to use my calendar to keep up with test dates and homework. With seven classes, schedules can get hectic. Staying organized is key, and phones have several tools to help. While agendas are a widely used source of management, they are easy to lose or forget.

It can be economically beneficial for schools to allow the use of cell phones in the classroom. How much money does the average private school spend on paper per school year? Two thousand to three thousand dollars. Add the cost of ink, and cell phones seem like a pretty good option.

Personally, the inability to listen to music while working on assignments is my biggest gripe. Popping in a pair of headphones helps tune out any white noise that might distract me. I know this new policy has hampered my capability to study or review assignments during class. Studies by “Scientific Reports” have proven that listening to familiar music can help people focus on their own thoughts.

Cell phones are just smaller, touch screen versions of computers. Banning them is the same as forbidding that students bring flashlights instead of lamps. Phones can be a blessing in the classroom. Their use can save money, time, and help students learn. In the time it takes to enforce this new policy, we could all be doing something more productive. According to, “Kids will find ways to use devices no matter what their school’s policy.” The focus of cell phones in schools should not be if to use them, it should be how to use them.

BY: Sarah Holland

Did You REALLY Read Your Summer Reading Assignments?

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Shotgun Team sponsors Tournament

Come and join the Piedmont Academy Shotgun team Saturday August 29, 2015 for the Shotgun Team Fundraiser. It will be held at the Old Hudson Plantation, 299 Skeet Lane Sparta Ga 31087. Registration opens at 8:30 in the morning and the course and games will start at 9:00 am. There will be 100 round sporting clays, and all shooters must be on the course by 12:30 pm. There is a $75.00 registration fee, and lunch will also be served at 11:00 and is included in the fee as well. If you are not shooting at the fundraiser, lunch will be $7.00 for adults and $6.00 for children. After the shooting games the prize winners will be announced at 3:30. Prizes include three shotguns. However, the team does request that you bring extra shells. If you have any further questions contact Brian Marsh at Hope you will come and join to support our Piedmont Academy Shotgun Team.

Fall Sports Tailgate Service

On August 16, 2015, Piedmont Academy coaches, athletes, and students were blessed to be a part of the annual Tailgate Service at First United Methodist Church. The evening started out with Piedmont Academy’s head coach, Coach Wes Tanner speaking about his faith, what we should do as a Christian and the expectations for the upcoming football season. Jasper County’s head coach, Coach Huff spoke about how he uses his faith for his team and lets God lead him to do what he does. During the Tailgate Service, speaker Mr. Paul Jones introduced former Georgia football player Senator Burt Jones. Mr. Jones talked about his past in football, his faith and how God was the main reason he was so successful. At first UGA wouldn’t look at him, but then he asked God to lead him to the right choice. So, he walked on at UGA and later became a star player in the 2002 SEC Championship. Mr. Jones ended the service with wise words for all the athletes and students, “Y’all are experiencing the best times of your lives.”

BY: Lauren Bernard and Haley Tyler

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FFA Summer Leadership Camp

This summer Piedmont Academy‘s FFA chapter attended FFA Summer Leadership Camp in Covington, Ga. Piedmont Academy had six members represent them which included Gracie Hunt, Ryn Smith, Grayson Bradley, Baylin Whitaker, Anne Marie Hildebrant, and Ashley Johnston. During camp the members gained many qualities of leadership, and were put in situations where they had to work as a team to get tasks done. Camper Grayson Bradley said “Camp is always a fun time to meet new people and develop leadership skills. There is never a dull moment.” Anne Marie Hildebrant commented “Camp was a great opportunity to meet a whole wide variety of people and get to know people across the state and how they are involved in FFA.” Campers heard from a phenomenal speaker named Christopher Coleman. He told his life story of how he overcame death as a baby, achieved although confined to a wheelchair and diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and moved across the country by himself to attend college at Southern Polytech. Coleman states, “Look at me. I wasn’t supposed to be here. If I can rise above my challenges to learn to speak; relocate cross-country, wheelchair-bound and alone; overcome poverty; earn a college degree; jump from airplanes; and motivate thousands – you, too, can rise above your obstacles to live an Unconfined Life.” He inspired the campers to have enough faith to take one step in the right direction. By the end of the week, FFA members learned that by taking one step in the right direction they can change their lives and others for the better.

BY: Grayson Bradley, Piedmont Academy FFA Reporter and Lauren Bernard

PAC Cougar Cubs are ready to "Roar"

The elementary cheerleaders and the coach are very excited about cheering at their first Piedmont game September 8th. All 14 of the girls are excited to perform all of their favorite cheers like “Dynamite” and their new dance “Hey Mickey”. The uniforms are very shiny with glitter and the uniform is blue with Cougars written across the front. The coach Jennifer Johnson is very excited for the new year her favorite part about being the cheer coach is having fun with the girls. She volunteered to be the coach because no one else did and her daughter is on the team.

To get ready for the games they practice their cheers and make sure they are tight and the coach gives them a speech to do their best and to have fun. A cheerleader named Maggie Johnston told me that the reason she wanted to become a cheerleader is because she gets to be with all her friends and she always had a lot of fun. Her favorite part of cheerleading was the practices because they always played fun games that have helped them with their cheers the one thing that she didn’t like about cheerleading was being out in the hot and getting sweaty.

BY: Savannah Mote

"Thursday" Night Lights

The Cougars Varsity Football team’s season opened up against Gatewood on 8-20-15. After a tough four quarters, the Cougars lost the game 37-12. Ben Davis led the Cougars in rushing yards. Mack Brady scored the first touchdown for the Cougars. Chris McClain scored the second touchdown for the Cougars in the 4th quarter.

Despite the tough first game loss, the Cougars' first year quarterback Mack Brady remains optimistic. When asked about how he feels starting at quarterback, he replied “Everyone has a job they have to do. Mine has just changed.” Brady also said that to get ready for a game he writes his grandmother's initials on his wrist to remind him to play his best.

Despite the Cougar’s first loss, Coach Tanner remains overwhelmingly optimistic. When asked if there were any changes to be made after the loss, he replied that there were personnel and character changes to be made. Some changes have already occurred. Coach Tanner also stated that this group of players is different from previous groups of players in that there are more rookies and freshman in the starting offenses and defenses. When he was asked if there are any changes to the offense since there is a new quarterback, he replied that Mack Brady, the first year junior quarterback, brought more of a double threat in the sense that he gives the offense more of a running option and pass option; whereas, previous quarterbacks were more of drop back passers. Another exciting change is the new kicker Caitlyn Young. Tanner says, “Caitlyn will be bringing the quality ability to kick the extra point.”

PAC plays Bethlehem Christian in Bethlehem on August 28.

By: Joseph Anderson

2015 Cougar Football Team

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Schedule/ Roster

Coach Wes Tanner

Assistant Coaches Jeff Beggs, Alvin Hawkes, Zach Norris,

Leland Ready, Rick Ringer, Michael Wilson

Varsity Football Schedule

August 20 Gatewood Eatonton 7:30

August 28 Bethlehem Christian Bethlehem 7:30

Sept. 4 Griffin Christian Griffin 7:30

Sept. 11 Monsignor Donovan Piedmont 7:30

Sept. 18 John Milledge Academy Piedmont 7:30

Sept. 25 Windsor Macon 7:30

Oct. 2 Briarwood Piedmont 7:30

Oct. 9 Georgia Christian Piedmont Homecoming 7:30

Oct. 16 Open Week -- --

Oct. 23 Bethlehem Temple LaGrange 7:30

Oct. 30 Flint River Piedmont Senior Night 7:30

(Updated: July 6, 2015)

Varsity Football Roster

1 Michael Edwards 11th

2 Chris McClain 11th

3 Dalton Whitley 9th

7 Chandler Burrell 12th

8 Corbin Burrell 10

10 Mack Brady 11th

12 Tyler Mills 11th

15 Wyatt Galloway 11th

22 Logan Conner 9th

24 Noah Quick 12th

26 Chris Coogler 12th

27 Ben Davis 12th

34 JT Webb 9th

40 Parker Clark 10th

44 Jay Sheets 11th

45 Hunter Whiting 12th

49 Tanner Casey 12th

50 Mike Weatherly 12th

56 Zach Wilson 12th

57 Tanner Coppock 10th

60 Brett Bush 10th

64 Nolan Cleary 12th

74 Chris Cain 12th

77 Jaron Autry 10th

81 Clay Kirkpatrick 12th

Manager Kailyn Evans 9th

Manager Matti Smith 12th

Manager Ryn Smith 9th

Manager Morgan Spivey 10th

(Updated August 13, 2015)

Middle School Schedule

Coach Alvin Hawkes

Asst. Coaches:

Sept. 3 Briarwood Warrenton 6:00

Sept. 10 Covenant Loganville 4:00

Sept. 15 Skipstone Piedmont 6:00

Sept. 24 Briarwood Piedmont 6:00

Oct. 1 Skipstone Griffin 6:00

Oct. 8 Bethlehem Piedmont 6:00

Oct. 15 Covenant Piedmont 6:00

The Lady Cougars Return to the Diamond

The 2015 Piedmont Academy softball team is hoping to have a very successful year. The Lady Cougar softball team is coached by Head Coach, Daniel Funt, and accompanied by a new assistant coaching staff: Colt Spivey, Cameron Vaughn, and Tony Tanner. Coach Funt stated “I am excited to be working with a new staff for this season. I am fortunate to have quality help, that wants to work, and coaches who also care for the team’s success.”

The team is led by five seniors, Amelia Dodson (4 year Varsity player), Haley Tyler (5 year Varsity player), Matti Smith (3 year Varsity player), and Taylor Swart (4 year Varsity player). Head coach, Daniel Funt, said “it was very hard to replace the seniors that we lost last year, not only for their leadership, but also their skill set.” He added, “I do however have expectations out of our seniors this year. This years’ seniors have to stay within themselves. They can’t try and do too much. They already possess an excellent skill set; now they have the choice to use them. They need to work hard, and all help with getting the team on the same page, and working together.”

Overall, the Lady Cougars are a young team, but their skill and determination is what will drive them though the season. When Coach Daniel Funt was asked how he thought the season would go, he said “I think we will see a lot of improvement from the beginning of the season until the end. I expect the team to work hard not only off the softball field, but also improve themselves personally as well.” Coach Funt also said during the season he looks forward to seeing the girls improve and start to work as a team. The most important asset to the team is keeping team goals first and personal goals second.

Some long term goals that the team have are to accomplish unfinished goals from the years before. The team is looking forward to competing for a region and state championship. But since it is the beginning of the season, the team has to focus on every game that will lead them to the end goals and to continue to improve in order to win. These goals are not only goals of the coaches, or the team, but are huge goals for the seniors. Haley Tyler stated “On behalf of the senior softball girls, we are looking forward to going out with a bang. Our goals as seniors are to not only be leaders to our team, but to finish the final 4 as state champions, and also go into the Final 4 as region champions. We look forward to building bonds on and off of the field with our teammates, and to not only push them to do their best on the field, but also in the classroom, and outside of school.”

The regular season for the Lady Cougars started August 11th, against Briarwood where the Cougars defeated the Lady Bucs 22-6. Although there were many errors that took place during early innings, the Lady Cougars continued to put the team away. The middle school team beat the middle school Bucs 11-5. The game was called short because of weather, but the middle school Cougars were given the win. This win made the Lady Cougars 1-0 for their record, and the middle school Lady Cougars as well.

On August 13th, the ladies faced Trinity of Sharpsburg. The varsity team won with the score being 8-0. The Lady Cougars had a great day on offense, but struggled defensively in the beginning of the game. Neely Bradford pitched for the Lady Cougars, and did a great job hitting her spots. The middle school team also beat the Trinity Middle School team 8-0. The coaches were proud of their teams and how they put the teams away. These games made both Cougar teams have a record of 2 wins and zero losses.

On August 19th, the Lady Cougars played in Milledgeville against John Milledge Academy. The Lady Cougars started the game off hitting well and holding the team to limited number of hits and runs, but throughout the game, the Lady Cougars fell apart. The game was delayed in the bottom of the 6th inning, and ended up getting canceled. The Lady Cougars lost the game with a score of 10-4 making their season record this far 2-1. The middle school team’s game was canceled because of the weather, so the coaches will have to decide if they would like to make it up at a different time. Coach Vaughn said “Our middle school team is very young, with us having only one 8th grader this year. We are growing and having a lot of fun so far. I am looking to having a great year.”

The Lady Cougars were scheduled to play the Lady Gators on Friday August 21st. the game was canceled because of rain shortly after the team had arrived. The game will be rescheduled for Monday, September 21st to play at home.

On August 24th, the middle school's Lady Cougars were defeated by Westfield Academy 13-1. There were errors, and the girls couldn’t back up their mistakes with their at bats. The high school's Lady Cougars defeated the Westfield Lady Hornets 8-6. They Cougars put the team away early in the game, but made a couple of errors which led to the Hornets' scoring. The Lady Cougars did an awesome job continuing to put runs on the board, and held Westfield to a minimum number of runs late in the game.

The Lady Cougars will play at Gatewood Thursday, August 27th. The games will start at 4:00 pm.

BY: Haley Tyler

2015 Lady Cougars

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Schedule/ Roster

Coach Daniel Funt, Asst. Coaches Colt Spivey, Cameron Vaughn,

Emily Hammonds, Tony Tanner

Varsity Softball Schedule

July 24 Inter-squad @JMA Milledgeville TBA

July 31 & 1 Windsor Tournament Macon TBA

Aug. 7 & 8 Piedmont Tournament Home TBA

Aug. 11 @Briarwood Warrenton 4:00

Aug. 13 @Trinity Sharpsburg Sharpsburg 6:00

Aug. 17 Covington Academy Home 4:30

Aug. 18 @John Milledge Milledgeville 4:30

Aug. 21 Gatewood Home 6:00

Aug. 24 @Westfield Perry 7:00

Aug. 27 @Gatewood Eatonton 4:00

Aug. 31 Windsor Home 6:00

Sept. 3 @Oak Mountain Carrollton 4:00 (DH)

Sept. 8 Trinity Sharpsburg Home 6:00

Sept. 10 @LaGrange LaGrange 5:00

Sept. 12 Heritage Home 1:00pm

Sept. 14 Brentwood Home 4:30

Sept. 15 @Flint River Woodbury 6:00

Sept. 17 LaGrange Home 5:00

Sept. 19 @Brentwood, David Emanuel Sandersville 12:00, 2:00, 4:00

Sept. 22 Flint River Home 6:00

Sept. 24 Briarwood – Senior Night Home 6:00

Sept. 28 Westfield Home 7:00

Oct. 1 @Loganville Christian Loganville 6:00

Oct. 5 1st Round Playoffs TBA TBA

Oct. 8 2nd Round Playoffs TBA TBA

Oct. 10 Final Four TBA TBA

Oct. 17 AA State Championship TBA TBA

(Updated: August 14, 2015)

Varsity Softball Roster (18 + 1)

1 Hailey Hooper 9th

2 Maddie Morton 9th

4 Taylor Swart 12th

5 Haley Tyler 12th

6 Lucy Tuggle 9th

8 Kylie Garner 10th

9 Alexis Dodson 10th

11 Ashley Johnston 11th

13 Gracie Hunt 9th

14 Amelia Dodson 12th

15 Matti Smith 12th

16 Cassidy Cook 9th

17 Rylee Owens 9th

19 Mattie Johnston 9th

21 Neely Bradford 9th

22 Madison Burnham 11th

24 Deacon Robinson 9th

34 Madison Johnson 8th

Becca Hopper, Manager

(Updated: July 30, 2015)

Middle School Softball Schedule

Aug. 11 @Briarwood Warrenton 5:30

Aug. 13 @Trinity Sharpsburg Sharpsburg 4:30

Aug. 18 @John Milledge Milledgeville 6:00

Aug. 21 Gatewood Home 4:30

Aug. 24 @Westfield Perry 5:00

Aug. 27 @Gatewood Eatonton 5:30

Aug. 31 Windsor Home 4:30

Sept. 1 Heritage Home 4:00

Sept. 8 Trinity Sharpsburg Home 4:30

Sept. 10 John Milledge Home 4:30(DH)

Sept. 14 Brentwood Home 6:00

Sept. 15 @Flint River Woodbury 4:30

Sept. 22 Flint River Home 4:30

Sept. 24 Briarwood Home 4:30

Sept. 26 John Milledge MS Tourney Milledgeville TBA

Sept. 28 Westfield Home 5:00

Oct. 1 @Loganville Christian Loganville 6:00

(Updated: August 13, 2015)

Middle School Softball Roster (15)

1 Katie Mathews 6th

2 Cassidy Burrell 6th

3 Haley Ann Frank 7th

4 Kaleen Bowman 6th

5 Maddie Waddleton 6th

7 Ava Anglin 7th

9 Savanna Taylor 6th

10 Brianna Mitchell 6th

11 Rebekah Hicks 7th

14 Fleming Sealy 6th

18 Hannah Tyler 6th

19 Kenzie Rodgers 8th

20 Katherine Haase 7th

21 Harris Brady 6th

44 Cally Cook 7th]

2015 Competition Cheer Squad

Big image

Schedule/ Roster

Varsity Competition Cheer Schedule

September 26, 2015 @Monroe Area High school (possibility)

October 3, 2015 @Putnam High School

October 10, 2015 @Gatewood

October 17, 2015 @Ola High School (possibility)

October 31, 2015 @Loganville Christian

November 7, 2015 @Brentwood

November 14, 2015 @Briarwood

November 21, 2015 @GISA State (location TBA)

Varsity Competition Cheer Roster (11)

Taylor Patterson

Caitlyn Young

Bridgette Phillips

Emma Kate Edmonds

Sara Hammonds

Meg Collins

Railey Holloway

Sydney Davis

Bailyn Whitaker

Morgan Whitley

Sydney Reardon

Middle School Cheer Roster (10)

Raleigh Loftin

Morgan Whitley

Loren Pope

Sydney Stroud

Kelsey Leach

Olivia Gibby

Mackensie Johnston

Maggie Johnston

Piper Potts

MaLynne Webb

2015 Sideline Cheer

Big image


Coach Tonya Coe

Varsity Sideline Cheer Roster (16)

Taylor Patterson

Caitlyn Young

Ivy English

Gracie Britton

Grace Roberts

Madison Suttles

Summer Collins

Alicia Peek

Bridgette Phillips

Emma Kate Edmonds

Sara Hammonds

Emily Hammonds

Meg Collins

Railey Holloway

Rainey Loftin

MaKennah Holifield

Schedule/ Roster

Head Coach Brian Marsh

Asst. Coaches: Tim Chapko, Alison Hildebrant, Staci Waits

Varsity & Middle School Shotgun Schedule

Saturday, September 12 @Old Hudson Plantation

100 SC / 50 SK 299 Skeet Lane


Saturday, September 26 @ Tom Lowe Trap & Skeet Range

100 SK / 100 TP 3070 Merk Rd, SW


Saturday, October 17 @ Tom Lowe Trap & Skeet Range

100 SK / 100 TP 3070 Merk Rd, SW


Saturday, October 31 @ Old Hudson Plantation

100 SC / 50-100 TP 299 Skeet Lane


Saturday, November 14 @ Old Hudson Plantation

100 SC / 50 SK 299 Skeet Lane


December 4 & 5 @ Forest City Gun Club

100 SC / 100 SK / 100 TP 9203 Ferguson Avenue


(Updated: July 6, 2015)

Varsity Shotgun Roster (17)

Joseph Anderson 11th

Browning Benton 8th

Owen Brady 8th

Blake Calhoun 8th

Andrew Chapko 10th

Chris Coogler 12th

Katherine Cunningham 9th

Kevin Davis 10th

Anne Marie Hildebrant 10th

Hagan Hinson 8th

Mitch Marsh 10th

Noah Quick 12th

Zach Sanders 11th

Preston Tyler 11th

Mike Weatherly 12th

Hunter Whiting 12th

Eli Waits 8th

Paws at a Glance


· Varsity football VS. Bethlehem- away- @ 7:30

· Chick-fil-a biscuits at break


· Shot gun team fundraiser


· Middle school softball VS Windsor- home-@ 4:30

· Varsity softball VS. Windsor Academy-home- @ 6:00


· Varsity Softball VS. Covington Academy- away- @4:30


· Middle school football VS. Briarwood- away- @6:00

· Varsity softball VS. Oak Mountain Academy- away- @4:00- double header


· Varsity football VS. Griffin Christian- away- @ 7:30




· Middle school softball VS. Trinity Sharpsburg- home- @4:30

· Varsity softball VS. Trinity Sharpsburg- home- @6:00

· Chick- fil-a biscuits at break


· Mid Quarter

· Fine Arts dress down day


· Middle school football VS. Covenant Christian- away- @4:00

· Varsity softball VS. Lagrange- home- @5:00


· Varsity football VS. Monsignor Donovan- home- @7:30


· Cross Country- Loganville- @9:00

· Shotgun VS. Gatewood- @ Old Hudson


· Varsity softball VS. Brentwood- home- @4:30

· Middle school softball VS. Brentwood- home- @6:00


· Middle school football VS. Skipstone- home- @6:00

· Middle school softball VS. Flintriver- home- @ 4:30

· Varsity softball VS. Flintriver- home- @6:00


· Cross Country @ Brentwood


· Fall pictures

· Varsity Softball VS. Lagrange- home- @5:00


· Varsity football VS. John Milledge- home- @ 7:30