Wooden Bicycle

Fajn Bicikl

Inspired by wood!

It is a privilege to live with nature, getting the richness and inspiration from it. We are coming from Maribor, a city surrounded by nature. Already our great-grandfather had the opportunity to work with wood. This knowledge and love to wood was transferred to my grandfather and further to my father and since I can remember we were making various wood products (ladders, tables, chairs).

We carefully planned our bicycle to get the optimal final product. We use wood from Pohorje, a hill close to Maribor.

We are very proud to introduce you Fajn Bicikl and even more proud that we can offer you a bicycle that is unique and made according to customer's requests. It is possible to choose from various accessories or adjust color and appearance of it. Each bicycle is also carefully noted and given a serial number.

We wish you a pleasant ride with our wooden Fajn Bicikl.

Tina Krajnc