Open your heart and let the journey to yourself begin!


Two hours of letting life and new perspectives into your everyday rush, using beautiful and exploratory photo-therapy developed by Points Of You.

Come Meet Yourself

Saturday, Feb. 27th, 4pm

Motor City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dubai, Dubai

This Experiential Encounter is guaranteed to engage, inspire and lead to action. Discoveries and priceless reflections through pausing, looking from different points of view, focusing on your insights and learning more about yourself, what you want and how to turn insights into actions – join, be and trust the process!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

What's the plan?

Come with an open mind and open heart and be ready to experience something fun and different!

PS. Yummy snacks will be served!

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Who am I?


My name is Maria Manzoor and I am an HR Director and a Certified Professional Co-active Coach. My passion is to kick start beautiful souls to realize their true potential, dreams and purpose and to really make an impact.

I'm positively addicted to anything high energy, which probably explains why I attend trampoline fitness classes despite the slipped disc in my neck. I am truly fascinated by life and while I have my days of not wanting to crawl out of bed, I love turning the impossible to possible! (and that does involve some a**-kicking as well).

I am renting some living space from 2 furry cats who are quite demanding flat mates.

I'm lit up and excited by family, friends, coaching, awakened consciousness, intuition and people with humor.