What's in the News for 5C

We are Stronger Together

Important News for 5C

We are going on a trip!

  • Stoy and Jennings 5th Grade Class Trip
  • Crystal Caves
  • October 20, 2016
  • 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Please drop your student off at Stoy by 7:45am.
  • Pick up will be around 4:00 at Stoy.

Thanks again for your help with the bake sale, our two day sale was a huge success! Permission slips went home in the Friday folders, however if you need another copy press on this link.


Also, please join us on Seesaw to see your students ongoing portfolio.

The 5C College Bowl

Each group in our class is working towards earning points (stars) for our college bowl. We have selected a college to represent each group and we earn stars throughout the day when we work together positively. It's a great way for our class to work together and keep things positive!

In Reading Workshop

Reading: We are developing our ways to respond to reading and beginning the Journeys program. Every week we will read stories that will help us target important reading skills. In unit 1 we will develop and strengthen skills such as theme and story structure which focuses on the characters, setting, problem, solution, and events. We will continue practicing these skills and strategies throughout the year.

To strengthen our skills and to keep organized we will use Whooo's Reading, edmodo.com, Spellingcity.com and quizlet.com for now. We will build our tools throughout the year.

Students are expected to read their independent books every night for 20 minutes and complete their reading log on Whooo's Reading. By the end of October, students will complete their first Book talk for their independent books.

In addition to our Independent Reading books, here are some other books we will be reading:

Math Mania.....

In math class we are working on our first unit working on displaying number models in arrays, fact families and square roots. We are building upon our foundation of math facts in multiplication and division. Be sure to practice multiplication and math facts, this foundation will help us build and grow with bigger concepts throughout the year. A great way to practice is to go to www.IXL.com and log in with class information written in our notebooks. Also, be sure to go to my website to find other fun websites for practice!!!!

Check these out:

Unit 1: Arrays: http://www.haelmedia.com/OnlineActivities_txh/mc_txh3_002.html

Factors: http://calculationnation.nctm.org/Games/


Divisibility Rules: http://www.mathsisfun.com/divisibility-rules.html


Prime & Composite #'s: http://www.xpmath.com/forums/arcade.php?do=play&gameid=60



Square Numbers: http://missleemath.blogspot.com/2008/09/square-number-games.html


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What We are Working On.........

In Science - All hands on Deck!

We are building and creating models to demonstrate how landforms are created. Our stream tables are allowing us to explore the affects of erosion and deposition on landforms, helping us to deepen our understanding of the formation of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. We will live and breathe the life of a river and how it shapes the land.

In Writing - We are beginning our Personal Narratives and exploring special memories and places that our meaningful to us. We are learning how to use "Pow"erful words to make our word choices stronger in creating vivid Images. We have published our I Am Poems and have them on display for all to enjoy! We shared our poems during a 5C Poetry Jam. What a great way to learn more about each other.

We the Kids in 5C..........

Classroom Constitution

Our Classroom is a joint learning space where we all have a say! As a class, we created a Class Constitution. Our U.S. Constitution, which was written right here in Philadelphia, was written to establish order and fairness in our country. As a class we read; We the Kids to gain a deeper understanding of what a constitution is. Then we created a list of rules and expectations for our class. Similarly, our Classroom Constitution states guidelines that help our classroom run smoothly. Our constitution focuses on honesty, responsibility, respect, and fairness. In addition, we discussed our rights within the classroom. Our rules focus on how we will take care of ourselves, take care of each other, and take care of our school/classroom.

There is one guideline that we are going to start with as a class. That guideline is to be respectful. Each letter of respect stands for different things that we should always be respectful of:

We the students of classroom 5C…

in order to form a fun, safe, and productive learning environment, agree to the guidelines established in The Constitution of Room 5C.

1. Be respectful of your:

R: Responsibilities

E: Environment

S: Self

P: Property

E: Education

C: Classmates

T: Teachers

2. No Bullying - Use nice words and nice tones

3. Treat others the way you want to be treated

4. Be a positive role model for our school community

5. Take responsibility for your actions in the classroom and our school.

  • no running

  • yelling

  • throwing things

  • keeping hands to yourself

6. Be prepared.

7. Think before you speak.

8. Be kind and forgiving

9. Always give 100! Be passionate about what you do!

10. Have fun and be safe

By signing this document, we agree to protect, and defend the constitution of Room 5C.
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A Guide for Success in 5C

Friday Folders

Friday folders will be sent home each Friday with your child’s graded work. It will also contain a weekly summary sheet from your 5th grader detailing test scores, upcoming tests, and your child’s personal goals for the next week. Please empty the pockets, sign the appropriate line, and return the folder on Mondays. Please save papers at least until the end of the marking period so the students can study or review material for tests.

Class Constitution

The students are working on a set of expectations for our classroom. We will send home a copy of our constitution as soon as it is completed.


Newsletters will be emailed and posted on our website periodically, detailing class events, subject matter covered as well as upcoming units. The newsletter will also contain important information about future projects, field trips, and special events. Please look for this publication in your inbox and on my webpage.

Writing Folders

Students will keep most of their writing assignments in their writing folders. These folders are to be kept in school since many assignments will be revised in following lessons.

Book Orders

Students will be given the opportunity to order books throughout the year from Scholastic. All ordering will be done online. The due date for each order is the 28th of the month. Simply go to www.scholastic.com. Click on the tab for parents and find the online book ordering link. Follow the steps to get started. You will need our class activation code: PBLRR to set up your user name and password. Thanks!

Missed Classes

There are times during the school day when students miss a part of or all of a class due to band lessons, visits to the nurse, or other situations. As a 5th grader, it is the child’s responsibility to find out and complete missing work. The student should also come to me with any questions about the material or assignments. Students who will be missing an extended period of school due to a vacation need to ask a buddy to write down their work for them.

Book Bowl

When students read a novel they are asked to record the title of the book and their name on a “book slip” in the classroom and then put it in the “Book Bowl”. At the end of the month one name will be randomly chosen from the bowl for a prize. Students may enter more than once. Reading more books increases the chance to win!

Homework Policy

Homework is an important part of education. It is used to reinforce ideas taught during the school day, practice new skills, or expand on knowledge. Homework is expected to be completed promptly and turned in when due. All assignments will be posted daily in the room and students have the responsibility of recording the assignments in their homework books. The children should be encouraged to complete their work independently. All assignments will be checked for completion and effort. Students will receive credit for all assignments turned in on time. Incorrect answers will not affect their homework grade. Late or missing assignments will lower their grade.

THANK YOU in advance for your cooperation and support!!

Remember - You are Important!