the things that keep you moving

What Minerals do for you

-Minerals maintain basic bodily functions that are important to your health and regulate other nutrients.

- Trace and major

major sources of minerals

- Meats, organ meats, dairy products, fresh vegetables, nuts, and fish

- Most fresh foods will have some type of mineral

- all minerals originate from the earth and cannot be created by living organism

what happens if you dont get it just right

- eating too much of these minerals can cause liver toxicity from iron, too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure and hypertension, eating too much zinc can cause headache or nausea, and eating too much selenium can lead to nerve damage, hair loss, and increased fatigue.

- eating too little of any of these can lead to loss of bodily functions and lack of maintaining them, not getting enough iron can lead to anemia, not enough of any others can lead to loss of all of these functions

interesting facts

- The same minerals that are in the earth are the ones that your body needs to survive

- Pica is a disorder where people crave to eat nonfood items caused by a mineral deficiency

- Minerals in high amounts pull water from the body and induce an intense thirst

- Many people choose soda over milk or other beverages which can be very poor for bone growth because of high phosphorous content

Acrostic poem

M- many in the earth

I- important for life

N- not tasty by themselves

E- essential parts of food

R- recover them from the dirt

A- all foods have them

L- lacking them can harm your body