Social Sci Test Bank Project

Send Your Test Questions for Illuminate!

Illuminate District Test Bank Initiative


As ToSA, I would like to spend time to help with the transition to Illuminate as a platform for both print and online assessments that can be shared with other teachers in the District. At present, the function to add or edit test items for Illuminate is cumbersome. With this initiative, I can import items and go further with tagging them to their appropriate standards, and I'll have time to do it.

What to send:

  • ELO Formative Assessments
  • Your individual Formative Assessments
  • Quizzes
  • Unit Test Questions
  • Essay Questions with Rubrics (those can be made in Illuminate)

As this is a time intensive project, I am unable to guarantee turnaround times for an individual teacher's set of test questions. (Sending tests you plan to give in the future now, however, leaves a greater chance of completion by when you need it.)

You can send via E-mail or as a Google Doc. Clicking on the Google Doc link will take you to a folder where you can upload test documents. Just make sure to share your document with me so that I get the notification that it is there.

This is ongoing, so there is no specific deadline at this point. Sending your tests in electronic format does help significantly, as well as adding any pertinent information (i.e., specific teaching unit, grade level, etc.) that can help with tagging items for searching, etc.)

Let me know if you have any questions!