Over the Rainbow

By: Hannah Richards

He Didn't Know How

Once upon a time, there was a leprechaun that didn't know how to get over the rainbow. He tried and tried but couldn't get on the rainbow to go over it. One day he said, " Why should I even try today, I'm never going to get over the rainbow." Then, he stumbled across a very wise unicorn.

The Very Wise Unicorn

The wise unicorn told him to keep trying and to not give up or you will never make it over the rainbow. He tried and tried and he tried some more, but he still could not get over the rainbow. So that little leprechaun gave up and went straight to his bed and straight to sleep. In his dreams he saw a flash back of himself when he was younger.

His Flash Back

In his flash back he saw himself being told from this very old leprechaun. He said, "To get over the rainbow, you have to have a four leaf clover and I'm going to give you this one right here, so you must promise me, young lad, never lose this." The young leprechaun said, "I will never lose this here clover." Then, another flash back came into his dream. That flash back took him to when he was ten, when he lost the clover. He was immediately awoken by a strange glimmer in his closet.

In the Closet

He opened the closet door and looked at the ground. The glimmer traveled into the ground. The leprechaun rapidly started digging. When he stopped digging he found a chest, and opened it. He found the four leaf clover and went outside to try to get over the rainbow with the clover inside his pocket.

Over the Rainbow

He quickly tried to go over the rainbow, and it worked. The leprechaun got over the rainbow with the four leaf clover. That leprechaun learned a very important lesson that day. It was, always believe in magic because magic can take you to places that you didn't know even existed.