Rich Homie Quan's Resiliency

"I Promise I will never stop going in" ~Rich Homie Quan

Who is Rich Homie Quan?

  • Dequantes Devontay Lamar
  • Born October 4, 1989.
  • 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters
  • 2 children:Devin Lamar and Royal Rich.
  • Grew up with his father.

The Come Up/Struggles

  • Quan started off selling and smoking drugs.
  • He came from a crime filled neighborhood in Atlanta,GA.
  • He had dreams of being a professional baseball player that were soon diminished after being thrown in jail on burglary charges.
  • He was thrown in jail for 14-15 months and was released in 2011.


  • RHQ went to jail on burglary charges and was released 15 months later in 2011.
  • Going to jail killed any opportunities that he had to play professional baseball and he was very good at it.
  • Quan had to start all over from what was left of his "career" from the trap/hood.

Then it happened!

  • Lamar's life was going so well. He had money, cars, girls, houses, the whole nine yards. Nothing could ruin his life, he was unstoppable until...
  • RHQ had to take an unexpected break from his tour with Young Thug and Birdman.
  • Once returning home, at around 3 in the morning, he soon began getting phone calls from his cousin.
  • It was his cousin trying to tell him that his father was shot at his ATL barbershop.
  • At an instant, Quan rushed to the hospital and headed straight to the room where his slowly dying father was awaiting

Below is a picture of his dad's barber shop where his father was shot.

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An Emotional Rich Homie Quan Recalls His Dad Getting Shot


  • Rich Homie Quan was litterally in shreds after the incident.
  • He couldn't speak, he couldn't write, and most important he could not sing.
  • He coped at his house for about a week and did nothing until inspiration struck.
  • His dad called him telling him to get on with his career no matter what his condition is.
  • Instantly Quan began burying his self into his music and ended up dropping a new album about a month later.
  • This event helped him realize that there are people out there to get him and he needs to protect him and his loved ones by any means necessary.