Canada In 2060



In this Smore, I will show how Canada's immigration, demographics and First Nation population will look in 2060. Currently Canada allows economic immigrants (with 67 points from the immigration system), refugees, and family class immigrants. The First Nations today are mad because they still haven't been given what they were promised long ago. Demographically Canada has a high population, and the birth and death rates are low and stable.

How will Canada have changed?

In believe that our population will increase significantly, i believe this due to the better technology, health care and support programs we will have in Canada by 2060. The population would most likely go from 35,871,000 to 47,113,000. I believe there will be a much higher dependency load and there will lots of elders. One of the issues we might have is that there are too many elders but not enough people to take care of them.


In 2060, Canada there will be more immigrants in the workforce. If there is more of a dependency load Canada will need more economy classed immigrants to fill that gap. With more immigrants Canada's economy will improve. Canada's immigrants are currently (most are) coming from Asia and the Middle East. Seeing as our country is multicultural we will have many immigrants go to all provinces. Most go to Ontario or Quebec because they are developed cities, but in the future the towns will also become cities and Canada will have many immigrants. And the more skilled workers coming to Canada the better.

How will the First Nations be effected in 2060?

There are 900,000 registered Indians (aboriginals) in Canada. And a total of 617 First Nations communities in Canada as well. Aboriginals make up 5.6% of Canada's population. In the past aboriginals were discriminated against and hated. The aboriginals protest the canadian government for their rights. The Indian Act allowed the aboriginals to go to school but forced the to abandon their heritage and way of life. But now a days the government has adjusted the treaties and gave freedom and control to the aboriginals. Hopefully the aboriginals will get everything they need and are fighting for. I believe that in the future, hopefully the first nations will have more rights and have grown population wise.

My Video

This video shows my point of view because it shows how the population will increase and how people will get older. It also shows how there will be more seniors and how our working population will decrease. This video is from a reputable source which is Statistics Canada and CBC
What Canada will look like in 2063


sharyar mahmood

My life in 2060 by sharyar mahmood


In conclusion, in 2060 Canada's population will age along with the dependancy load. The First Nations hopefully may have their rights and freedom back. There will be many more immigrants and skilled workers in Canada. Canada's economy will grow as will the world. In 2050 many things (such as demography) will change.