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August 27, 2021

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It was so gratifying to see our families in the school buildings yesterday for Open House! It's been so long since we've seen such a big group in the school. We are excited to see our 1st-8th grade Huskies on Monday and our "Husky Pups" on Tuesday. If you are a new family to Holly Academy administration will be conducting a welcome Coffee & Conversation session in the auditorium at 8:00am on Tuesday.

The past month has been challenging for school administration. We have endured insults, shaming, threats, demands, and other slurs to our character. This has occurred from parents on both sides of the mask issue. I am asking that we heal as a Husky family and I'm requesting that these conversations, whether via email, or in-person, are put to a stop. As administrators, we have grown a thick skin over the years, but these slurs to our character do not exemplify "Husky Pride". As we enter the school year we wish to do so in peace. Thank you. It's truly great to be a Husky!

New Members of our Husky Pack

Welcome to our new staff members:

Trisha Riddle: Speech and Language Therapist

Nicole Scheich: Y5 paraprofessional

Taylor Ford: 1st grade teacher

Rebecca Foster: 1st grade teacher

Rebecca Orlans: K-2nd grade science teacher

Romina Pena-Sweetman: K-5th Spanish teacher

Wendy Sprague: Y5/K/1st music/paraprofessional
Linda Andrada: 2nd-5th computer teacher

Vickie Johnson: 7th/8th math teacher

Amanda Green: Food service

Sarah Toole: Food service

We are so pleased that these awesome educators have joined our Pack!

Breakfast and Lunch Information

This is a reminder that breakfast and lunch will be served starting Monday, August 30th for our 1st through 8th graders and Tuesday, August 31st for our Y5 and Kindergarteners (Y5 and K will not have school on Monday, 8/30).

If your child(ren) will be having breakfast at school, please ensure they are in their classroom by 7:45am. In the event that they do not arrive in time to eat their breakfast before the school day begins at 8:00am, they will have the opportunity to finish their breakfast during their class snack time.

Middle School students that ordered breakfast will need to go to their homeroom class to pick up their breakfast and will then go to their first hour to eat breakfast before 8:00am.

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Thank you for the quick responses in the past 24 hours regarding the possibility of offering Husky Virtual Academy. There were only a handful of families interested in the virtual option, not enough to make it viable for Holly Academy. We will not be offering a virtual option for the 21/22 school year.

We are so excited to have our Huskies back in the Pack!

Drop off and Dismissal

The 21-22 school year will mirror last year in terms of drop off and dismissal. We drop off and dismiss the school population in a 25 minute window using family cars. This is all coordinated without incident twice a day.

We are asking all families to follow the guidelines for morning drop off:

  • Y5, Kindergarten and 1st grade students will enter the building though the main canopied entrance (M1). Parents may park in the parking lot and walk their students to the door. As a reminder, Parents are not allowed to enter the building after the first day of Y5 and Kindergarten. Please do not drop off students along the sidewalk.
  • 2nd and 3rd grade students will enter the building through the west doors (M13) in the front of the building.
  • 4th and 5th grade students will enter the building through the east doors (M12) in the front of the building.
  • Middle school students may be dropped off at the middle school or in the front drop off lanes.

The following list is a brief overview of Holly Academy's dismissal procedures.

  • The lane closest to the building will be designated for Y5/K families only.
  • Please turn off your cell phone.
  • Please stay in your lane.
  • Staff will direct you to move forward or exit the parking lot.
  • Be sure your sign (student last name, grade, and teacher) is clearly displayed.
  • Turn on your right blinker when your car is loaded.
  • Students may not exit vehicles once they have loaded.
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Holly Days

We are participating in the Holly Days Parade and Community Play Day on Saturday, September 11th (parade begins at 11:00am). Please mark your calendars to join us to walk in the parade wearing your Holly Academy "swag". We are also looking for a family or two to kindly drive their pick-up truck in the parade. Please contact Mrs. Vana and/or Mrs. Horton if you can provide a truck: vanat@hollyacademy.org, hortone@hollyacademy.org. It's great to be a Husky!
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School Volunteers

In the last few newsletters, we shared that we would be inviting volunteers into the buildings this year. Unfortunately, we are holding off on this for the time being. When the COVID transmission rate reduces we will gladly invite volunteers into the school. Thank you for understanding.

Dress Down Day Dress Code

We listened! Parents have noted in the annual parent survey that they would like their Huskies to be allowed to wear athletic pants/shorts on dress-down days. Beginning this school year, athletic wear will be allowed on dress-down days. Leggings and yoga pants must be worn with a top that reaches mid-thigh. Please see the attached dress code documents.
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Healthy Huskies

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  • Aug. 30 - First day of school for 1st-8th grades
  • Aug. 31 - First day of school for Y5 and kindergarten
  • Aug. 31 - New family Coffee & Conversation at 8:00am in the auditorium
  • Sept. 1 - PTO meeting at 8:00am in the media center
  • Sept. 3 - No school
  • Sept. 6 - Labor Day
  • Sept. 9 - Picture day
  • Sept. 10 - Patriot Day (wear red/white/blue), free dress down day
  • Sept. 11 - HollyDays Parade and Community Play Day
  • Sept. 13 - Virtual Curriculum Night, 5:30-7:30pm
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PTO meeting

Please join us on September 1st at 8:00am in the media for our first PTO meeting of the 2021-22 school year.
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